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Genesys Administrator V8

Genesys Administrator V8

Centralized administration, management, deployment across suite

Genesys Administrator is a single, unified, web-based application that provides the ability to deploy, provision, and monitor all Genesys applications. IT and operations managers can define role-based access to empower business users across your organization to answer their own questions by putting the data and processes they need at their fingertips when they need it.

Deployment provides capabilities for managing and installing Genesys software applications on local and remote hosts. Provisioning supports creation, deletion, and modification of Genesys configuration data, applications, and resources as well as Solution Control for starting and stopping Genesys applications and solutions. Operations enable operational management of outbound and proactive calling sessions; load, start, stop, manage. Monitoring delivers status monitoring of the Genesys environment to include access to the centralized log and alarm management.

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  • Simplified, intuitive UI focused on the task, not the database details, embraces web technology you already know
  • Deployment of complete local and remote solutions making your CC operations nimble, efficient, and effective
  • Operational control for business users to change the conditions the strategy uses through simple parameter data values without strategy modifications and without requiring detailed knowledge of the underlying logic
  • Operational management of Outbound and Proactive campaigns from the centralized interface


Automated Solution Deployment (ASD)

Enables you to deploy and configure complete solutions to local and remote locations. This includes the installation and configuration of all necessary Genesys applications, as well as the creation and configuration of related Genesys components. This reduces both deployment errors and time to deployment.

Operational Parameter Management (OPM)

Provides the ability to create a user friendly interface for business users, with data validation, for the management of operational parameters used as input to routing strategies, voice applications, and Genesys Rules. With OPM, a business-user can modify the behavior of routing strategies without the need to change the associated application.

Audio Resource Management (ARM)

Provides a user-friendly interface for business users to manage greetings and prompts utilizing preloaded pre-recorded greetings. It is completely integrated with Operational Parameter Management.

License Utilization Reporting

Provides a user-interface that generates peak usage reports for licensed sellable items that are tracked and managed by License Reporting Manager (LRM).

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