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Conversation Manager

Conversation Manager


  • Track customer journeys and manage customer context over time and across channels to deliver a seamless, personalized customer experience
  • Increase FCR 23% and reduce transfers 30% by leveraging context from previous interactions to understand intent and route customers to the right resource the first time
  • Save 30 seconds in handle time by improving self-service identification and authentication and preserving customer context across channels
  • Increase self-service adoption 22% by offering customer and journeyaware interceptor options in the IVR to address customer needs without agent involvement
  • Reduce customer churn by informing agents of customer journey history, preferences, and value
  • Improve sales conversions via effective customer and opportunity segmentation and personalization

Key Features

  • Context services: Manages actionable customer profiles and journey histories to build awareness of customer journey progress, intent, and sentiment for your agents and your customer engagement applications.
  • Genesys rules system: Allows business users to define customer engagement business rules, without requiring any specialist technical knowledge, providing greater control and agility.
  • Journey timeline: Gives your agents customer profiles, KPIs, sentiment analysis, and a timeline view of journeys, with drill down for interaction context to ensure personalized, consistent, and low effort assisted-service delivery.
  • Journey dashboard: Gives managers real time, aggregate visibility into customer journeys across channel interactions to monitor journey progress, uncover trends, identify root causes for problems, and optimize customer engagement.

Delivering context and business rules management to orchestrate customer journeys

Today’s customers increasingly prefer selfservice channels to assisted service, and they often use multiple channels at the same time—expecting effortless, personalized, consistent service across them all. The ability to manage interactions across channels as a single, coherent conversation, is key to keeping your customers engaged and happy.

Powering the transition to omnichannel customer engagement

Increased digital access places greater pressure on contact centers to become omnichannel engagement centers. How do you manage customer engagement consistently across rapidly evolving touchpoints like mobile apps, websites, social media, chat, email, and your retail locations? How can you take advantage of the wealth of contextual information available to improve your customer’s experience and your own operational efficiency? How can you
manage data intelligently to know what action to take and when?

Genesys has designed Conversation Manager as an integral part of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform to help contact centers answer these questions. Conversation Manager offers a flexible context data store, business rules system, and visualization dashboards to drive real-time customer engagement applications that span multiple channels such as web, mobile, chat, IVR, and voice.

Collect context, engage customers, optimize outcomes

Conversation Manager facilitates customer identification and links interactions over time and across channels so you can track their history and create a 360-degree customer view. What channels are customers engaged on? Do they currently have items in their shopping cart? What is their past behavior and interaction history? Do they have a positive or negative social sentiment or survey responses?

Journey tracking serves as your company memory for actionable customer engagement information, available to your agents and to engagement applications to improve your customers’ experience. Through orchestration, your customer engagement applications can evaluate interactions in real time to understand customer behavior, history, and intent to identify and act on moments of opportunity. You can manage the steps before, during, and after each interaction as well as the transitions between touchpoints to maintain a consistent customer experience at each step along the way. The combination of orchestration, customer context, business rules, and predictive next best actions enables you to drive personalized, proactive, loweffort engagement.

With Conversation Manager, you have visibility into customer journeys to drive customer experience optimization. Integrating Conversation Manager with Genesys Workspace allows your agents to access customer profiles, KPIs, sentiment analysis, and timeline views of customer journeys with drill down for interaction context to ensure personalized, consistent, and low-effort assisted-service delivery. Managers have real-time, aggregate visibility into customer journeys across channels to monitor journey progress, uncover trends, identify root causes for problems, and optimize customer engagement.

The ability to recognize customers across multiple touchpoints, proactively address their problems, and deliver a personalized experience can create significant competitive advantage, increasing customer loyalty and maximizing their lifetime value.

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"We’re thrilled with Genesys Cloud CX, our results to date, and the company’s vision for product innovation, security and stability. With its immediate and continuous delivery of new functionality, we can easily adopt technology advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) without expensive and time-intensive on-premises solution upgrades."

Dwayne Calder

Managing Director

Insights & Enablement, Client Care


Preference management

Track customer preferences (e.g., language, channels, time of contact) and apply them consistently for self-service and assisted service.

Journey management

Track customer activity across channels to support cross-channel service resumption, effort tracking, and identification of opportunities. Use customer and journey context to understand intent and route customers to the resources best able to meet their needs. Make data-driven decisions to optimize engagement.

Single customer view

Build an operational repository of customer profiles and interaction histories for your agents and for next best action determination by engagement applications.

Predictive personalization

Personalize your customer engagement and offers based on customer profiles, value segmentation, and the behavior of similar customers.

Proactive engagement

Identify opportunities to engage customers to reduce effort or to act on moments of opportunity.

Status notifications and reminders

Get ahead of issues and manage customer expectations by sharing information such as service outages, flight cancellations, or service reminders.

Online and marketing sales attribution

Map anonymous interactions to identified customers. Track sales and marketing results across channels for accurate attribution.

Service interceptors for deflection or special handling

Reduce customer effort by anticipating their needs and offering special handling. For example, frequent or repeat contacts could signal a customer with unresolved issues or a fraud attempt. Similarly, a customer with a failed website login is likely calling for a password reset, while a customer that was recently emailed a campaign promotion is likely calling to follow up on the offer.

Churn prevention

Identify customers that are likely to churn and give them special handling or special offers to retain them.


Follow up on abandoned shopping carts to increase sales. Deliver relevant and personalized offers in the IVR or via agent prompts.

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