Market Education Webinar:

Genesys & Google Cloud—shaping the future of contact center AI

Blended AI by Genesys™ enables businesses to combine live agents and bot technology to solve customer needs faster.

Genesys customers, which include 65 of the world’s top 100 global brands*, can now use the simple, secure and flexible Google Cloud Contact Center AI to implement, train and use new bots in a fraction of the time.

This ground breaking integration enables brands to rapidly deploy some of the industry’s smartest bots capable of resolving issues faster than ever before, while also improving customer satisfaction, sales, employee efficiency and more.

As a result, businesses can more quickly and predictively route inquiries to the customer service resource (human, bot, or a combination thereof) best equipped to resolve the issue. In addition to delivering a high-quality customer experience, organizations can drive efficiencies by automating routing tasks, such as taking payments or checking balances, all while allowing the more complex interactions to be handled by employees.

Meet the Speakers

Adam Champy
Cloud Interactive AI Product Lead


Paul Lasserre
VP Product Management, Artificial Intelligence


Chris Connolly
Vice President, Product Marketing



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