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Bring your carrier – and get cloud too!

You have made the choice to update your contact center solution and start taking advantage of cloud capabilities. BUT… You are in a long-term contract with a telephony provider; or you get great domestic and international rates from your current telephony provider; or finally, you haven’t completely depreciated your previous telephony infrastructure investment.

Do any of these excuses sound familiar to you? Did you know you can actually keep your carrier, and still reap the benefits of the cloud with a BYOC solution? Join this webinar to hear from a leading telecom provider about the flexibility of Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC). Learn more about the variety of BYOC options available, multinational considerations, and how you can adopt cloud at your own pace. We’ll cover:

  • How to reap cloud benefits while maintaining your existing telephony investments
  • Establish global business presence while reducing international telephony costs
  • Find out how leading global telephony providers ensure quality, redundancy and flexibility that make your move to the cloud easy
  • Get your questions answered by leading telephony providers, and use the information to facilitate your transition to the cloud

Meet the Speakers

John bell

John Bell
Vice President of Product Management, Bandwidth

Weibnar mike szilagyi

Mike Szilagyi
Senior Vice President of Product Management, Genesys

Abi chandra

Abi Chandra
Cloud Evangelist, Genesys


Live Assistance

Live Assistance