Controlling the levers of customer satisfaction

With several expanding businesses and over 800 sales offices, SOGAZ Insurance Group needed a cutting-edge contact centre to optimise service levels, workloads, and handling of rising call volumes.

Genesys provided SOGAZ with a single customer interaction point for all lines of business, transforming productivity and customer experience. Agents can quickly identify products that could be of interest to customers and launch targeted campaigns.

Greater efficiency has enabled the company to absorb a fourfold rise in call volumes while only growing its workforce by a factor of three. And customer satisfaction continues to improve as well.


  • Close control of the levers of customer satisfaction
  • Greater operational efficiency and ability to deal with 400% more calls
  • Waiting times cut in half and dropped calls cut threefold


  • Consolidate multiple customer interfaces into a single location
  • Make contact centre operations more agile and automated


Waiting times have been halved, with a two-thirds reduction in dropped calls. Average call duration is just two-and-a-half minutes.

Georgy Chudayev, Integrated Contact Center Director, SOGAZ Insurance Group