Bringing conversational AI to Stockholm

Swedish customer experience provider Releasy created a one-stop omnichannel shop with automation and AI excellence using the Genesys PureConnect™ application. And, in collaboration with Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL), the company’s Google voicebot is transforming public transport in Stockholm.

Launched first-of-its-kind Google voicebot

Enabled 24/7 service with 50% staffing savings

Adopted blended home-office work model

Handled 60,000 calls per month

25% of interactions resolved without agent assistance

We’ve been collaborating with Advania and Genesys for several years, finding ways to continuously improve services and push the boundaries with exciting new offers.


Johan Frodell



Service innovation drives business expansion

One of Sweden’s fastest-growing customer experience providers, Releasy, started out as an outsourcing company for firms in the telecom, energy, publishing and media markets. Today, this flourishing business has expanded to five contact centres — forming a one-stop shop for omnichannel services, automation and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered innovation.

Partnering is a cornerstone of its strategy. “We’ve been collaborating with Genesys and Advania for several years, finding ways to continuously improve services and push the boundaries with exciting new offers,” said Johan Frodell, CEO for Releasy.

Being everywhere for customers

Efficiently multitasking and managing multiple queues, 700-plus Releasy agents use the Genesys PureConnect™ application to handle around 240,000 calls; 155,000 emails and 50,000 chat conversations weekly.

To better manage these interactions, Releasy enhanced the experience with smart integrations. Releasy uses Indicate Me, which pulls real-time data from the Genesys platform and workforce engagement management system to create a 360-degree dashboard for managing everything from agent efficiency and customer satisfaction to contact and sales KPIs. Tight integration with Salesforce gives agents the latest knowledge and case notes at their fingertips.

Client services were maintained throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, which was first felt at the company’s Barcelona site.

“We got a call on a Friday and had to quickly mobilize 90 home workers over the weekend,” said Thommy Andersson, CTO at Releasy. “We rolled out blended remote working over virtual desktop integration, but it doesn’t suit everyone. So, we wanted to give agents the option of switching between working at home and hot-desking in the office.”

Increasing inclusion with AI

Another area for innovation is AI-assisted customer experience. “We’re seeing voicebots and chatbots featured more regularly in tender requirements,” said Andersson. “It’s great to pool expertise with Genesys and Advania, sharing knowledge and coming up with ways to increase return on investment for clients.”

One such project with Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) is revolutionising city life. Every day, nearly 800,000 people use public transport in and around Stockholm. “Not every person has a smartphone or wants to use a mobile app,” added Andersson. “SL wanted to reach everyone and comply with government mandates. So, they seized the opportunity to use AI to increase citizen inclusion.”

Agents who used to work on the SL service team have become AI trainers. They teach the bot to recognise different questions, accents and phrases, constantly improving service.


Thommy Andersson



Queuing to speak with an agent is a thing of the past. A voicebot is the first point of contact, serving customers with fast answers to spoken questions. They can check the latest bus, metro and train details via live SL system updates, empowering them to plan better routes and make connections.

“The bot uses dynamic free-speech technology to supply travel information and recommendations,” said Andersson. “Agents who used to work on the SL service team have become AI trainers. They teach the bot to recognise different questions, accents and phrases, constantly improving service.”

Higher satisfaction at a lower cost

The voicebot is a first for the Swedish BPO market. It was built using Google Dialogflow natural language processing. Genesys Intelligent Automation forwards any unresolved calls to human agents.

The solution delivers 24/7 service — at about half the cost of a fully staffed FTE model. The voicebot initially handled 60,000 calls a month, reducing by 50% due to the pandemic. Success rates — interactions resolved on first contact without escalation to an agent — have been higher than expected, averaging 25%.

Releasy plans to add new features over time, starting with lost-and-found property and a customer satisfaction survey.

Building on this success, Releasy will expand its digital service offering with chatbots. “AI makes traveling around the city more enjoyable,” concluded Frodell. “It gives people significantly faster access to real-time transport information like traffic conditions and when to expect the next bus, ensuring they get from A to B with minimal delay and disruption. We can serve 1,000 customers in parallel, which isn’t possible with agents alone.”

At a glance

Customer: Releasy

Industry: Business process outsourcing (BPO)

Location: Sweden and Barcelona

Company size: 1,200 employees

Contact centre: 700 agents


  • Expand digital offer
  • Accelerate AI service capabilities
  • Increase citizen inclusion
  • Maintain services through the COVID-19 pandemic



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