ATB Financial

Combining customer obsession with state-of-the-art technology

ATB Financial is a regional bank in Alberta, Canada, with over 750,000 customers. As a customer-obsessed organization, ATB believes that its people are the key to delivering great experiences to customers. And, that giving its people the right tools, knowledge and processes — and providing an optimal work environment — also will create happiness for customers.

As the banking industry became more commoditized, the team at ATB realized that customer experience was the way to differentiate from others. Unfortunately, its ageing on-premises solutions were preventing the bank from mapping customer journeys from end to end and providing a seamless experience. The team also lacked the necessary data to truly understand customer interactions, making it difficult to make data-driven decisions.

After evaluating several solutions, ATB decided to implement the Genesys Cloud CX product to replace its ageing contact centre infrastructure. ATB can now keep up with the customer expectations by offering a wide range of communication channels — allowing ATB to be available where it’s most convenient for customers. The flexibility of the cloud empowers the bank to easily add new features and functionality when it wants. And ATB has access to more data than ever before, which lets the company continually evolve and innovate customer experiences.


  • Seamless customer experience with omnichannel capability
  • Visibility into the complete customer journey and ability to drill down into each interaction
  • Flexibility to easily add new features and functionality
  • 300% increase in submission of customer surveys

One of the big keys to success for us was our ability to manage and measure our business at a whole different level. We've got more insight at our fingertips than we could ever think of having before. And that helps us manage our experience for customers. We're an obsessed organisation, so those experiences are very important to us.

Dwayne Calder, Managing Director, Insight and Enablement, ATB Financial


  • Legacy on-premises solutions were siloed and supplied unreliable data
  • Unable to map customer journeys
  • Rigid work scheduling with no scope for agent multitasking



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