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Remote Alarm Monitoring

Quickly identify real-time issues in your on-premises environment to minimize downtime

Remote Alarm Monitoring


  • Resolve issues more quickly and gain insights into issues before they affect your customer experience
  • Decrease costs and make operations predictable
  • Continually optimize mission-critical environments
  • Enhance platform stability with 24/7 live monitoring and log file retrieval
  • Troubleshoot more efficiently with additional alarm data views through Genesys Care Workbench

Key Features

  • Proprietary alarm monitoring software
  • Alarm notification and details through Genesys Care Mobile App
  • Workbench integration providing access to the alarm monitoring console, alarm acknowledgement and synchronization, and display of additional alarm events
  •  Routing of supported critical and major alarms to Customer Care with an alarm support case automatically opened
  • Proactive log file retrieval
  • Reliable log file retention

Resolve unavoidable issues quickly

Even the best-run enterprises can’t anticipate and prevent every issue. Downtime is always costly in lost revenues, wasted agent time, and disappointed customers. Genesys Remote Alarm Monitoring with Workbench helps you quickly identify and troubleshoot incidents in your on-premises environment to resolve them before they become emergencies.

Know about issues wherever you are

When Genesys on-site alarm monitoring software detects an issue that triggers a supported critical or major alarm, you receive an alarm notification
immediately through the Genesys Care Mobile App. You can drill into the alarm details on your mobile device or log in to Genesys Care Workbench to view the alarm data in the alarm monitoring console.

As you receive the notification, the alarm is also being routed to Customer Care, where a specialist opens a support case for you. We’ll work with you to validate the alarm status and resolve the issue.

Use technical insights to resolve issues faster

Through its integration with Genesys Care Workbench, Remote Alarm Monitoring offers:

  • Access to the alarm monitoring console for one view of all alarm details, including alarm arrival times
  • Views of an additional set of alarm events, covering underlying hosts and other conditions, in the alarms row of the event correlation display on the Workbench dashboard

If you have both Remote Alarm Monitoring and Genesys Log File Management Tool, when a critical alarm occurs, Customer Care can proactively retrieve log files for you.


Genesys Remote Alarm Monitoring is available with Genesys Premium Care or as an option through Genesys Flex Care. Genesys Flex Care provides a range of additional support options so you can truly tailor your support experience based on your current business needs and position in the lifecycle of your Genesys solution.

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Genesys Flex Care

Feature Description

Custom Application Support

Delivers support for custom-developed modules, applications, and solutions developed by Genesys and selected partners

Extended Support

Delivers advice and best-effort error investigation and rectification (hot fixes excluded) on the configuration and operation of the end-of-service (EOS) software

Special Event Support

Gives your staff preferred status attention from select Customer Care resources during special events that could stress your environment

Support Architect

Partners as a designated technical expert to work with your team to achieve platform stability through continuous environment risk analysis, remediation action plans, optimization recommendations, and capacity planning

Technical Account Manager

Works as a designated, trusted advisor who establishes and maintains a solid understanding of your business goals, operations, and priorities. Also acts as a main point of contact to mitigate risk, resolve issues, advise on training, and manage regular reviews for discussion of open issues and future project/product feature implementation planning.

For more information about Genesys Care options for on-premise and cloud environments, please visit our Genesys Care website.

"We’re thrilled with Genesys Cloud CX, our results to date, and the company’s vision for product innovation, security and stability. With its immediate and continuous delivery of new functionality, we can easily adopt technology advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) without expensive and time-intensive on-premises solution upgrades."

Dwayne Calder

Managing Director

Insights & Enablement, Client Care

Technical specifications

  • Genesys Care Workbench is required for Remote Alarm Monitoring.
  • Genesys Care Workbench is available to customers with qualified Business Care, Business Care Plus, and Premium Care subscriptions.
  • Genesys Log File Management Tool must be installed for proactive log file retrieval.
  • Genesys Care Mobile App must be installed to receive alarm notifications.

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