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Why your CX solution must be multicloud (and might already be)

If asked about your contact center technology, would you describe it as SaaS, private cloud or on-premises? Without intention, many organizations that have invested for many years in on-premises solutions actually find that they’re already cloud – and not only cloud, but “multicloud.” How, because of the prevalence of cloud-based applications. Services once handled by on-premise solutions like sales processes, payroll and human resources are now more-often-than-not consumed as cloud applications. It’s possible that while remaining on your private cloud solution, you’ve evolved into a multicloud customer experience architecture by accident.

Join us for this 30 minute webinar where we’ll show how companies are leveraging the best of all options — all clouds, all infrastructures, all applications — all with control of their personal ecosystem.

  • Deployment options – SaaS, private cloud, on-premises
  • Who operates it – vendor, partner or self-operated
  • Infrastructure options – IaaS, containerization, serverless computing
  • Choice of application services and the strategic vendors within your ecosystem

Register today to hear experts in customer experience and cloud technologies share how customer experience centers are morphing into multicloud architectures – and gaining flexibility and control of their customer experience solutions along the way.


Meet the Speakers

Tod famous webinar image

Tod Famous
VP Product Management, Engage

Bobbi chester

Bobbi Chester
Senior Director Product Marketing


Abi Chandra
Cloud Evangelist

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