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[Webinar Bytes] 5 ways to improve customer service and personalization

We’ve taken one of our webinars and broken it down in to smaller video segments.  Check out some of the most important parts of the webinar below.  Then watch the full video by clicking the link below.

Harambee’s work has had a profound impact on the Customer Marketing team and has inspired a new category in the Genesys Customer Innovation Awards, “CX Gamechanger: Best Story of Making a Difference with CX Technology.” Regionally, Harambee ranks as the seventh most recognized brand in South Africa.

In these CX Heroes webinar bytes, you will learn how to establish skills every agent should have, handle difficult customers with finesse, recognize and reward agents, and more.

Watch the full webinar by clicking this link.

Meet the Speakers

Neli mzizi webinar image

Nelisiwe Mzizi
Contact Center Manager
Harambee, South Africa

Cx hero thapelo kwenane

Thapelo Kwenane
Contact Center Advisor
Harambee, South Africa

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Live Assistance