Build a Bot webinar series:

Uncover Genesys AI and bots in action!

Ten years ago, every company needed a website and five years ago, every company needed an app. Now any company that wants to stand out as a brand leader needs to embrace chatbots and messaging with AI.

Chatbots connect your brand with customers at any time—across all platforms—to keep the conversations going. No technical experience is required. You can start small and scale at your own pace.

In this webinar we will:

  • Debunk common AI and chatbot myths
  • Present use cases to galvanize creativity for your brands
  • Demonstrate the wealth that chatbots can bring

Fun twist – Challenge yourself and beat your peers and the expert myth busters from Genesys. Earn up to $500 in Amazon gift cards in this very special edition of the myth buster webinar*. Join us as we brainstorm ways to kick-start your AI strategy and improve customer experience.  [Giveaway is only applicable during the live webinar, not during the OnDemand viewing.]

Meet the Speakers

Dipali mehta

Dipali Mehta
Director, Product Marketing


Brendan mccarthy webinar image

Brendan McCarthy
VP, Sales



Live Assistance

Live Assistance