Nashville, Tennessee
May 1–4, 2018

Partner Demo Battle

AppFoundry brings you this epic battle for the third year in a row live at CX18! This year’s Partner Demo Battle contenders will duel it out in the Partner Pavilion to showcase the best demo video on each of their applications in the AppFoundry marketplace. It will be up to you to cast your vote in the mobile app and choose the AppFoundry App of the Year. Voting participants will be entered in a drawing to win an Apple Watch!

Check out the videos below, get familiar with the competition, and come prepared for the Demo Battle.

Anana Action Kids

Fighting an outbreak of Bad CX in the Acme Call Centre, see how Anana Accelerate and Mission Control make delivery and operation of Genesys CX solutions as easy as child’s play!

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Anana Action Kids

Fighting an outbreak of Bad CX in the Acme Call Centre, see how Anana Accelerate and Mission Control make delivery and operation of Genesys CX solutions as easy as child’s play!

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Aria Solutions

Aria’s SWIFT: A First Step to Your Omnichannel Transformation

Learn how Semafone protects customer card data, delivers PCI DSS compliance and protects against the risk of fraud without compromising customer experience.

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Stop the Madness! Make Your IVR Admin Dreams Come True!

AVDS simplifies IVR administration with this Web-based app to quickly render Attendant profiles, export views, generate reports, and overall, improve your Contact Center performance and save money!


Avtex InteractionSync for PureCloud – Eliminating Unnecessary Barriers to Coffee and Agent Efficiency

At Avtex, we believe that it shouldn't be difficult to make the perfect cup of coffee -- or provide perfect customer interactions. While we can’t take credit for making the perfect cup of coffee any easier, we have developed an innovative way of streamlining customer interactions and improving employee experiences. Join us as we explore the old way, and the new, better way of doing things.

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Call Journey

Call Journey - Conversation Analytics Street Style Explainer

We're gonna make you an offer you can't refuse. Say hello to our little friend, Tony. He's about to explain Conversation Analytics to you real quick. You better listen up (to your customers)!.

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CardEasy - Keypad Payment by Phone

Winner of the Genesys 'Best Security Solution' Award at Call & Contact Centre Expo, 2018


ContactRelief Genesys AppFoundry Explainer

ContactRelief's Disaster Decision Engine monitors 24/7 for disasters, both natural and man-made, and then makes recommendations to amplify, redirect, suspend or resume contact with the affected areas. With direct integration into your Genesys system, ContactRelief’s disaster alerts and recommendations help you make informed decisions on where and when to specialize your inbound and outbound call flow. You get weather alerts, disaster declarations, power outage notifications, package delivery suspensions, breaking news events, and much more, letting you customize your inbound handling and prioritize your outreach efforts, improving contact efficiency, lowering business risk, and strengthening your company's brand image. Available for PureCloud, PureConnect with PureEngage coming soon.


InGenius Connects Genesys Phones to Microsoft Dynamics and ServiceNow

InGenius® connects your Genesys phone system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ServiceNow, unlocking the power of your contact center. As a computer telephony integration innovator, InGenius helps organizations increase productivity and customer satisfaction, with maximum flexibility. Experience next-generation CTI with guaranteed success.

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PCI Pal Agent Assist

Contact Center agents use PCI Pal’s Agent Assist on live calls to capture cardholder information securely, maintaining the conversation with the customer at all times.

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Authenticate without Compromise

Pindrop provides authentication and anti-fraud solutions, enabling seamless verification while protecting against threats and keeping your customers happy.

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PureInsights – A Star Wars Story

C3PO and R2D2 discuss the upcoming PureCloud implementation and how PureInsights will help the company with their real-time dashboard and advanced reporting needs.

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Engage, Identify, Sign & Sell

QuickPivot’s Customer Data Platform and Marketing Cloud enable companies to gather a wide range of customer data across all channels, provide real-time customer journey insights and improve marketing ROI through personalized communications. The QuickPivot application will enable Genesys agents to become brand ambassodrs for your clients, turning every call or chat session into an opportunity to drive engagement and loyalty.

Connect. Engage. Innovate. Come see the future of customer experience at CX18.

Register now for the customer experience event of the year, CX18. Connect with peers, partners and experts. Enjoy keynotes and breakout sessions tailored to your unique needs. And learn more about exciting new technology that’s revolutionizing customer experience. At CX18 you’ll:

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The Genesys Zone

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  • Platform Area
  • Success Area
  • Innovation Area

Platform Area


PureEngage platform

PureEngage customers have reduced their overall operational costs by 40%

No matter how large your business is, you'll be able to engage with customers on all communication channels they use-mobile, web, chat, social, email, voice and messaging apps. Enable digital transformation with an open, omnichannel engagement platform and deliver superior customer experiences.

PureCloud platform

All clouds are not created equal. The PureCloud platform is the next-generation, all-in-one cloud contact center solution that helps you manage multichannel customer interactions as a single conversation.

PureConnect platform

The PureConnect platform transforms your call center into a customer engagement powerhouse. Whether your customers want to call, email, chat or text, this all-in-one solution has you covered. Expand your self-service offerings and proactive outreach capabilities too. Available in the cloud or as an on-premises solution.

Success Area


PureSuccess framework

Learn how to achieve your desired business outcomes with the PureSuccess engagement level that's right for you. Also discover how to get the most from your Genesys solution with our latest capabilities and tools from Genesys Professional Services, Genesys University and Genesys Customer Care. Visit our booth to understand how you can be successful throughout your CX journey.

Voice of the Customer & Net Promoter System

Move beyond scores and feedback. Genesys Voice of the Customer (VoC) and NPS is a transformative practice that brings you inside our business to align strategies and drive innovation progress.

Subscribe to Genesys

Take a new path to providing differentiated customer experience for your customers. The new Genesys subscription plan provides prescriptive use cases focused on achieving business outcomes, tailored services to ensure success and a simple flexible consumption model to make it easier than ever to get started. Visit our booth to learn more about how you can leverage this newest Genesys effect.

The PureBridge program

If you're still sitting on Avaya or Cisco in the contact center, PureBridge has simple, flexible migration options with a proven ROI. Take the free, 10-minute CX Maturity Assessment and see how PureBridge can help you start delivering CX excellence.

User Experience Design

See into the design thinking that goes into some of our latest products. At Genesys, the design challenges we face are both complex and vast, and our passionate and dedicated UX Team lives to solve them. This team defines the user experience—for desktop, web and mobile.

This multi-faceted team consisting of user experience designers and researchers has defined and designed new ways for customers to experience Genesys products in a much more useful, usable and desirable way.

Come visit the user experience design booth to speak to our passionate designers and get a glimpse into the world of design at Genesys.

Innovation Area



Meet Kate: Customer Experience AI That Improves Business Outcomes

Kate brings together AI, adaptive learning, bots, cognitive computing and other automation technologies from across the Genesys portfolio. With Blended AI by Genesys, your business can offer seamless transition from automated to live customer experiences with full context.

Predictive Routing

Predictive routing helps businesses improve NPS by 12 points and reduce AHT by 7%

Predictive routing quickly adapts to the changing patterns of interactions and optimizes for business KPIs. It leverages rich historical data for deep learning. Increase productivity and revenue by using AI-assisted routing to apply the finest grain matching between customer and agent.

Genesys Decisions

Genesys Decisions is the world's best contact center solution for what-if analysis, forecasting, staff planning and budget planning system for contact centers. Drop by for a demo and a cool t-shirt!

Latitude by Genesys

Latitude by Genesys is your complete accounts receivables management solution, from day one delinquency through charge off and debt sales. Perform all collections and recovery functions within the Latitude agent desktop, effectively manage your compliance functions, fully automate your collection business processes with Latitude Workflow and manage your outsourcing strategy with Latitude AIM.


AppFoundry offers a curated selection of solutions that span across the entire Genesys Customer Experience Platform. Discover, research and connect with a broad range of customer service applications, integrations and services from our partner ecosystem that address your unique business needs.

The DevCon Lounge

The DevLounge is the place to hang out for DevCon attendees coming to at CX18. Stop by the DevLounge to interact with our experts and find out more about our Genesys developer community.