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Improve Customer Service and Increase Sales Conversion with a Proactive Customer Experience

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Today, billions of global internet users are driving growth in digital customer service, support, and sales interactions. When customers purchase products and services from a business, they very often seek help from that company’s website and expect rapid responses or issue resolution. To stay competitive, businesses need to be more responsive and provide more digital support in web customer service and sales engagement than ever before.

Genesys Web Engagement is key to providing business managers with the digital support they require by extending proactive assistance to their customers. By combining contextual and behavioral customer information with a clear, real-time view of the resources available in your contact center, Genesys Web Engagement ensures that proactive assistance is offered via your website at the right time, on the right channel, and with the right resource.

Reduce Customer Effort

With Genesys Web Engagement, you can provide your customers with timely assistance, offered only when contact center resources are available. You can also facilitate the experience by allowing customers to choose their preferred communication channels, such as chat, web callback, WebRTC voice or video, email, SMS, or FAQs. Web Engagement matches customers to the best skilled resource to improve first contact resolution (FCR) and lower average handle time— reducing customer effort and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Increase Online Sales Conversions

Connecting the customer with the right resource at the right time makes conversations significantly more efficient—and can make the difference in closing a sale. For instance, you could negatively affect customer satisfaction and potentially lose a sale by inviting a customer into a conversation and then making them wait for a resource to become available. Web Engagement proactively offers assistance when the appropriate resource is available within the time required, ensuring a positive experience and reducing potential shopping cart abandonment.

Personalize Customer Experience

By granting agents greater visibility into recent customer interactions across all channels, such as a view of the web page the customer is currently visiting, recent web navigation, and the contents of the customer shopping cart, agents are able to tailor their responses, resulting in overall superior and personalized experiences.

Drive New Revenues

Web Engagement allows you to track all customer interactions, including partially completed interactions, and leverage this critical information to trigger follow-up actions. For example, if a customer abandons a shopping cart, Web Engagement can add them to an ongoing outbound email campaign, which will send them scheduled reminders. Likewise, large institutions such as banks can benefit from applying business rules that will route all callers who have partially completed mortgage applications to a specialist who can help complete the forms and submit the application, which drives new revenue.

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  • Provide superior customer experience
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Prioritize valuable interactions to your organization
  • Improve FCR
  • Minimize site abandonment
  • Increase online sales conversions
  • Raise average order value
  • Lower average handle times
  • Maximize productivity of contact center resources


Web Monitoring and Reporting

Follow customers in real time as they navigate your website from a computer, mobile phone, mobile application, or IoT device, and monitor their activity, including mouse and keyboard events. Gain insight into more than simple page visits. Visualize user behavior with advanced reporting dashboards, including geolocation and trend line data.

Continuous Customer Engagement

Decide when to engage a customer based on full contextual interaction history across all channels. Assist customers already engaged with an agent by concurrently offering personalized ads, articles, and more. Optimize the number of invitations you send with intelligent pacing technology. Use a missed opportunities queue to track web users who qualified for assistance but could not be served.

Business Rules Management

Apply simple rules to detect customer struggles, such as a failure to log in, submit a form or find information on the website, and provide assistance in a timely manner.

Omnichannel Support

Proactively engage in any manner needed to deliver business results and enhance customer experience via chat, web callback, WebRTC, email, SMS, and FAQs. Start journeys for web visitors during their first visit, and continue to manage their journeys during ongoing interactions and visits.

No Impact to Website Changes

We understand that your websites are constantly changing. Genesys Web Engagement is built to handle these changes, without any alterations to web tracking.

Unified Desktop (Genesys Workspace)

Provide your agents with the information they need to personalize each interaction. With a fully integrated, unified desktop, agents are equipped with customer records, complete with omnichannel contact history and a standard response library, leading to higher agent performance and an effortless customer experience.

High Availability

Web Engagement offers high availability capabilities and horizontal scalability via N+1 architecture with seamless failover in case problems arise, providing secure business continuity for mission-critical operations.


Web Engagement uses HTTPS and mutual transport layer security to secure and support communication between Web Engagement and other Genesys servers as well as the data exchange between Genesys Web Engagement and customer browsers.

Key Features


  • Out-of-the-box business events for capturing searches and time-out, as well as mouse and keyboard inactivity
  • Out-of-the-box rule templates and business rules interface for defining engagement rules
  • Advanced reporting dashboards for web behavior metrics, including geolocation and trend line data


  • Actionable behavior patterns for customer interest, campaign success, agent intervention, and offers of support
  • Intelligent pacing of engagement invitations
  • Multiple engagement offers allowed simultaneously


  • Pop-up widgets in customer browsers
  • Live monitoring of customer during engagement
  • Unified customer record including integrated view of web history
  • Missed opportunities interaction queue to track customers who could not be served


  • Continuous optimization process
  • Monitor campaign and rule performance to track progress towards goals
  • Realize goals by optimizing rules based on actual data and customer behavior

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