Mobile Engagement

mobile engagement


  • Drives customer engagement through your mobile apps
  • Provides instant or scheduled access to customer service through your mobile app via phone, text or chat—at the touch of a button
  • Incorporates notifications, delayed and scheduled contact options for the mobile user
  • Leverages context such as customer history, location and preferences to resolve issues and personalize the customer experience

Smart phones and tablets have revolutionized the way customers interact with every business. In the rush to develop mobile apps a few years ago, many companies simply moved existing marketing or web applications to a mobile platform. Typically, these apps are transactional, (allowing customers to check a balance or a flight schedule, for instance) but they lack customer engagement capabilities. Today, consumers expect much more from apps and abandon those that aren’t useful for engaging brands as needed.

One way to drive engagement in the cluttered mobile world is to make your app sticky with the experiences your customers want, driving a new conversation over mobile devices.

An advanced mobile customer experience strategy

Genesys Mobile Engagement helps you create this differentiation by connecting your mobile app to customer service. With Genesys, you can transform a transactional app into a crosschannel service conversation that increases customer usage and engagement with a personalized experience that drives business.

Genesys Mobile Engagement brings business rules, context, conversation history, reporting, locations and preferences to mobile interactions, enabling you to personalize every mobile experience.

Live connect

Genesys helps your mobile app overcome a common customer frustration point—they need the assistance of an agent, but there is no way to contact customer service without leaving the app.

With the Live Connect capability in Genesys Mobile Engagement, customers simply push a button and are connected to a customer service agent without leaving your app. The agent can see information from your app along with the full customer history and preferences. This 360-degree view allows them to provide an ideal personalized experience that increases customer engagement.

Locate me

Genesys increases the relevance and value of your app by bringing unique geolocation context to mobile customer service.

The Locate Me capability in Genesys Mobile Engagement increases personalization by adding location to the agent’s view of the customer. This allows the agent to deliver service such as letting a passenger know he is in the wrong terminal for his connecting flight.

Locate Me also lets agents make immediate location-specific decisions and recommendations. For example, they can immediately send a claims adjustor to an accident site, direct customers to their gate, or locate the closest ATM.

Snooze me

With Genesys, customers can control when they want to engage with customer service, enhancing their experience. It’s not always convenient for customers who want help to talk with an agent. The Snooze Me capability lets them schedule to be contacted at a better time.

Alert me

The Alert Me capability lets customer service send notifications via the app, text or automated voice call based on events and contextual information. For example, a traveler at the airport could be notified of a gate change, offered the choice of reserving his most commonly purchased meal on that day’s flight, and alerted to an upgrade opportunity.

Genesys Mobile Engagement harnesses the power of mobile to engage your customers and differentiate your brand, with the know-how of the market leader in customer service and experience. Integrating intelligent, contextual and proactive mobile customer service into your app increases its value to customers, who will use it again and again.

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