AI customer self-service

Your customers’ fast path to resolution is also your path to scale. Companies using customer self-service software enjoy 71% greater annual improvement in customer satisfaction rates, retain 76% more of their clientele, and have a 6X greater annual improvement in customer lifetime value.

Dynamic search bar

Do-it-yourself support made simple

When visitors hit a dead end or get lost in online FAQs, they either bounce or involve a costly human support. The Genesys DX™ solution features dynamic search bars that understand what your customers are looking for — and deliver relevant results within seconds. Your customers won’t waste their time digging or your support team’s time when it’s not necessary.

  • Provide a frictionless self-service experience with Genesys DX patented natural language processing (NLP) that understands your customer’s language and unstructured search terms
  • Ensure CX consistency with dynamic search bars across your website, mobile website and mobile apps
  • Optimize dynamic search bar engagement with a floating side widget or fixed position
Dynamic search bar
Conversational ai chatbots

Conversational AI chatbots

Personalize the customer self-service experience

There’s something delightful about having a successful conversation with artificial intelligence (AI). Built with patented NLP, Genesys DX chatbots understand, remember and respond like humans, so your customers can just be themselves and get the help they’re looking for in a quick, personalized way.

  • Brand your chatbot with a unique personality to promote familiarity
  • Put your chatbot to work across all your messaging channels for a consistent customer experience
  • Never scripted but always customizable with transparent AI

Continuous conversations

Always keep support team in the loop

When your chatbot needs to involve a support team member, whether it’s to answer a complex request or hand off a high-value opportunity, the transition is seamless. Support teams can clearly see what has occurred in the self-service interaction, so customers don’t have to repeat themselves. AI continues to help the support team member as a virtual assistant, offering contextual information at the right time to resolve issues faster.

  • Offer a seamless experience from customer self-service to live human support
  • Support your team with more information from the beginning of the engagement
  • Enhance your chatbot’s capabilities as it learns from your support team’s expertise
Continuous conversations
Always learning

Always learning

Deliver better outcomes with AI that learns and teaches

Instead of pre-loading a customer self-service solution with every possible knowledge base article you can think of, go with what you have and let Genesys DX help fill the gaps. See what customers are asking in self-service interactions to know which questions need new or additional information. Your Genesys DX chatbot also takes feedback from customers and your support team to self-learn how to answer queries better over time.

• Focus your knowledge management efforts by knowing exactly what your customers are trying to accomplish in self-service
• Keep improving customer self-service as your knowledge base grows and your chatbot learns

See the future of digital engagement

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