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Give your customers the support they deserve

Customers expect seamless cross-channel support — and yesterday’s phone system isn’t up to the task. Respond in real time via your website, social media channels and live chat. Create customer and agent experiences that effortlessly blend automated and human resources. Know your customer and have the relevant context to engage with the right help when it matters.


of consumers say a company is only as good as its service

Genesys State of CX Report, 2023


of consumers will recommend and buy more, more often from brands that consistently presonalise interactions

Genesys State of CX Report, 2023


of CX frontrunners say AI enables more empathic customer journeys

Economist Impact, AI Comes of Age, 2021

Call centre software that powers personalised experiences

Customer expectations are higher than ever. Meeting them means having the right tools, people and strategies in place.

Genesys makes it possible to deliver unique, personalised experiences your customers will love. You can scale to keep pace with both customer preferences and business demands. With our comprehensive capabilities and advanced features, you can always put customers first.

Create a call centre that goes beyond just calls

Meet your customers on the channels they love most

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Build resilience with the power to pivot

Orchestrate unlimited experience possibilities

Every customer is unique. Their journey with you should be, too. Go beyond traditional personalisation and automation to orchestrate tailored experiences that delight customers and build loyalty. Use customer data across all touchpoints — even beyond the contact centre — to understand intent, anticipate needs and connect individualised interactions into fluid journeys. Give bots and agents real-time orchestration possibilities based on your customers’ unique cross-channel behaviors — without setting up complicated rules and workflows. Break down barriers between service, marketing and sales to transform your contact centre into a centralised hub for consistent people-centric engagement.

Blend AI-powered voice and digital channels

Provide seamless omnichannel experiences with an all-in-one digital and voice solution. Conversational chatbots empower users with satisfying self-service. Predictive engagement initiates interactions at just the right moment to reduce customer effort and frustration, preventing abandoned journeys. When a human touch is needed, AI-powered routing ensures every customer reaches the best agent to meet their needs. Agents manage calls, chats, messages and more from an intuitive unified desktop. Speech and text analytics provide real-time agent support with next-best steps. And with full context and conversation history, agents deliver fluid experiences even when the customer changes channels.

Manage customer and employee experiences in a single platform

Simplify your investment with an integrated solution for customer and employee experiences. Native integration speeds deployment, cuts IT burdens and reduces overhead. Having native WEM tools in the same desktop that agents use every day encourages adoption and empowers them to improve their own performance. Historical and contextual data from customers and employees combines to drive intelligent routing. Conversation analysis identifies agent behavior patterns and flags opportunities for targeted coaching in real time. And the unified platform aligns agent productivity with customer satisfaction to enable better experiences for customers and employees.

Do more than prep for the future — build it

With the scale and flexibility to navigate today’s challenges and build future solutions, Genesys is the last contact centre platform you’ll ever need. Leverage existing cloud commitments with the ability to host Genesys software on any major cloud, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Get all the building blocks required to compose your optimal mix of capabilities to deliver proactive, tailored experiences that build customer loyalty. With continuous deployment, Genesys capabilities keep expanding — and so do your possibilities. It’s like having an innovation partner who empowers you to lead the way — no matter what the future brings.

Empower your business to meet customer expectations

Create exceptional experiences with Genesys contact centre software

Genesys makes it easy to deliver better customer and agent experiences. Request a free demo to see how our cloud call centre software enables great customer service. Simplify your call centre operations and the demands on IT. Give your service teams more time to focus on what matters most — your customers.

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