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Improve employee engagement using workforce management, quality management and performance management with Genesys Cloud EX

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Focus on what matters most — your people

Eighty-six percent of consumers worldwide say a company is only as good as its service. Coupled with the impact of the Great Resignation — where the average contact center turnover rate was 32–40% — it’s easy to see how the employee experience affects interactions. The takeaway is simple: Highly engaged and motivated workers deliver better customer experiences.

The Genesys Cloud EX™ solution is designed to help companies support their workforce with technology that improves their overall experience. You’ll have access to more accurate forecasting and scheduling, which addresses your employees’ desires for better balance between work and life commitments. It also enables you to support remote, hybrid and office-based work.

You can also expand your quality management sampling to build a culture of continuous improvement using personalised learning and development paths. And with gamification capabilities, employees gain a shared sense of purpose through transparent measures of performance.

Meet your employees’ evolving expectations

Employee expectations are shifting faster than ever. Remote and hybrid work have greatly increased employees’ desires for autonomy. And with the rise in digital self-service, workers need robust learning and coaching programs that keep up with increasingly complex interactions. Companies must now provide a work environment that’s flexible and aligns with the new ways of work — or be prepared for increased turnover.

Genesys Cloud EX makes it easy to create an engaging work environment and a healthy work/life balance. Capabilities like continuous forecasting, which supports shift trading and enables team members to meet personal and professional needs, help make this possible.

With Genesys, you get modern employee experience capabilities in a single user interface. You can easily gain real-time visibility into current and historical workflow and performance data. And if you need to keep your existing ACD, we offer pre-built integrations that seamlessly ingest interaction recordings and historical context.

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Give your workforce the employee experience tools they expect

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Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Access valuable customer feedback with web-based surveys. Review VoC insights to discover and address important trends, then propose the appropriate training and development initiatives.

Foster a highly engaged and motivated workforce

Support any group in your organisation with technology to improve employee experience. With Genesys Cloud EX, you get the resources they need to take charge of their development and customer interactions. You’re able to use data to drive engagement through more effective and efficient resource management and employee performance management. And in turn, you’ll create a company culture that makes employees feel empowered, supported and ready to take on anything.

Use tech to help employees balance work and life commitments

Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven models identify the types of resources you need at all times — with precision. This enables you to operate with more agility and align staff with the needs of the business to meet rising customer service expectations. With continuous scheduling and shift trading, employees can reduce stress by managing changes in their own schedules. When they’re not overburdened with excessive call volume or understaffed situations, they can work more efficiently. Ultimately, giving employees more control is motivating and can reduce attrition.

Automate listening and learning for continuous improvement

Use AI and automation to expand sampling and eliminate bias in your evaluation process. AI can listen objectively and evaluate calls consistently — ensuring every employee is treated fairly and equally. It can also identify patterns that managers might be unable to detect and then capture those insights. All of this helps your managers focus on areas where they’ll have more impact, such as coaching and developing their staff. Our personalised, performance-driven approach to learning means you can consistently measure the impact of actions you’ve implemented against employee expectations and business results.

Gamify your employee experience

Transparent, intuitive dashboards and leaderboards both challenge and motivate your employees to boost their performance. Employees can track assigned eLearning; access scheduled coaching and training sessions; view their overall performance and personal bests; and see how their performance compares to past trends, as well as that of their peers. With gamification, you can customise competitions and enhance options for recognition. This not only cultivates team spirit and strengthens bonds between employees, it helps leadership demonstrate to those employees the critical role they play in executing business goals.

Deliver experiences your employees will love with Genesys Cloud EX

With Genesys Cloud EX, you can break down silos and deliver a unified employee experience. And by creating happier, more engaged employees, you can seamlessly improve your customer experience. With the right employee experience management software, it’s easy. Reach out to an expert today to learn more.

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