Improve experiences with call centre quality assurance

Get deep interaction insights. Use them to improve operations, meet customer expectations and more.


Make it easy to monitor calls

Every interaction should make your customers happy. But they should also meet any corporate and governmental policies that are in place. Monitoring interactions to ensure compliance has always been tricky. And past methods were often slow and inefficient.

Modern software developments let you zero-in on what’s important. You set the parameters and then identify calls that need extra attention. Gain insights that can improve employee productivity and customer service. Plus, offer targeted coaching sessions on managing customer issues. Real-time data and insights make continual improvement possible.

Automate your contact centre for better customer experiences

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Drive workforce innovation

Serve more customers in less time by automating your quality assurance (QA). Modern transcription tools let you collect data for 100% of interactions. Use this data. Learn from each interaction and use what you learn to keep improving.

Workforce optimization

Enhance agent productivity

Agent productivity is about more than average handle time. Improve your review process and increase agent efficiency. Home-based dashboards give you all the data you need. Improve consistency by scoring customer interactions with quality assurance. Tools like evaluation forms and call transcription make agent evaluation easier than ever.


Operate more efficiently

Simplify your call centre management. Bring your channels together to improve the customer and employee experience. With modern software you can analyse conversations across channels.
Use what you learn to clean up operational tasks. Create happier, more satisfied employees with ongoing coaching and learning tasks.

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Genesys Recognised by Gartner® as a Leader in the August
2021 Magic Quadrant™️ for Contact Centre as a Service

Enhance your call centre quality assurance

Your prospects have access to more products and services than ever before. Customer experience can make or break your company. Make sure things go right with call centre quality assurance tools from Genesys. Provide a seamless journey with every interaction while adhering to necessary regulations.Automate the evaluation process to meet your needs. Record and store every interaction and study them for key insights. Turn these insights into action items. Use your data for coaching, assigned learning and more. And do it all from one integrated user interface. Increase your employee satisfaction and, in turn, improve your customer experience.


Keep track of everything

Data limits are a thing of the past. Unlimited recording storage lets you keep a detailed record of every interaction. That means you’re covered for legal notices and prepared for employee training.

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Search on your terms

Find the information you need when you need it. Detailed search and filter functions let you identify call trends and development opportunities.


Find a trusted partner

Your company’s safety and security are top priority. Ease the burden by working with a call centre tool you can trust. Stay compliant with all local, federal and international laws.

"We’ve not only managed peak demand but also raised our game — safely migrating to home working while improving the quality, speed and effectiveness of services. As a result, we now have a significantly more agile business model and resilient disaster recovery plan, enabling the business to navigate COVID-19 challenges and save members’ lives."

John Coyne

Head of IT, Data and Compliance


Track more interactions with less effort

Call recording

Make sure that every customer service call gets the best possible support. Start by understanding your agents’ skills and their areas for improvement. Learn from each interaction by tracking with automated software. Then use customer surveys to get first-hand feedback on support quality.

Screen recording

Go a step beyond call recording to see a full view of agent activity. With a full picture, you can locate KPIs. Keep every recorded interaction on hand for compliance and legal efforts. This makes it easy to monitor agent productivity.

Quality management

Track interactions across channels with automated quality assurance processes. Use a single interface to study the data and pick out key insights. Apply what you learn to improve agent performance evaluations, coaching and training.

Speech and text analytics

Automation lets you make the most of everyone’s time. When managers don’t have to comb through data, they can spend more time nurturing agents. Program your artificial intelligence (AI)-powered quality assurance software to identify keywords and phrases. Then use that data to identify when calls need extra support.


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Quality Management and the Power of AI

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Find meaning in your call recordings with speech and text analytics

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2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management

Automate your call quality assurance and monitoring

Say goodbye to time-consuming monitoring practices. Become a QA specialist with AI-powered call centre software. Evaluate more calls, in less time, with greater efficiency. Identify and address areas for improvement before they become a problem. Schedule a demo to see how quality assurance built in to your call centre makes every interaction better.

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