Ensure contact centre quality assurance and compliance

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Mitigate risk and business disruptions

Save process time with automation

Spend less time manually identifying improvement areas. Automate policies and uncover knowledge gaps, disparate workloads and behaviour patterns across channels.

Monitor interaction quality in real time

Keep pace with massive interaction data volumes. Evaluate all the necessary interactions to get the insights needed to uncover trends and improve your service quality in real time.

Protect your customers and business

Managing risk is critical to business success. Track every interaction to ensure compliance with regional and global regulatory demands — even when interaction volumes spike.

Get customer insights with less effort

Interaction recording

Keep every recorded interaction on hand for compliance and legal efforts. Natively record all interactions across channels. Set up automated policies to record and store interactions safely for as long as you need.

Quality management

Leverage conversational analytics to figure out what interactions to focus on for evaluations. Identify key insights, execute quality evaluations and schedule coaching sessions through a user-friendly interface.

Speech and text analytics

Understand interaction quality with native speech and text analytics. Use transcription, sentiment analysis and topic spotting to identify key events. Use these insights to elevate employee performance and customer experience.

Voice of the customer and employee

Get firsthand insights into what is and isn’t working in your contact centre. After monitoring your interactions, enable customers to provide feedback through a timely survey. Use these insights to improve quality standards.

Screen recording

Get the full picture of customer interactions. Record your agents’ screens in 4K across multiple monitors. Easily identify process adherence, interaction quality, training opportunities, process improvements and more.


Elevate your quality standards with integrated coaching. Use one solution to monitor and develop employees. Schedule training sessions or share resources directly from your workforce management solution.

Protect your business and your customers

Protecting your business, customers and data is critical to your success. With Genesys, quality monitoring is easy. You can assure compliance across interactions and curate customer loyalty.

The right quality assurance tools reduce costs, increase customer value and boost productivity. Get the actionable interaction insights needed to improve business growth and processes.

Strengthen your call centre quality assurance

Customer experience can make or break your company. Record and store every interaction with absolute data integrity. Understand what’s happening in your contact centre and make adjustments where needed. And do it all from your chosen Genesys product.

Improve your quality of service by examining trends, agent behaviours and knowledge gaps. Turn these insights into coaching, learning module assignments and more. Use growth opportunities to fortify your compliance efforts and customer experience.

Never lose recorded interactions

Data integrity and permanence are more important than ever. Genesys makes it possible to facilitate and record every interaction, including agent desktop activity. Whatever channel the interaction occurs on, you can maintain its content and structure with confidence.

With unlimited storage, you can keep a detailed record of every interaction. That means you’re covered for legal notices and prepared for employee training.

Drive quality experiences at scale

Traditional evaluations require manual search, selection, scoring and assignment — costing valuable resources. Save time and enable team leaders to focus on what matters by automating quality assurance processes.

Track and monitor every interaction, even during peak periods. Use the insights gathered to identify areas for continual improvement. From enhancing your training program to pivoting customer service best practices, deploy quality processes that will help deliver results.

Lead with security and compliance

Safety and security are a top priority. Work with a call centre tool you can trust. With Genesys, you get the control you need, no matter operational scale. Take advantage of a set of integrated tools and automated processes for recording and quality management.

Stay compliant with all local, federal and international laws. Ensure end-to-end encryption, custom recording retention policies, protection from deletion, secure pause and more. Identify potential fraud, disputes, claims or legal actions using speech and text analytics.

Get actionable customer insights

Take the effort out of finding the information you need. Detailed search and filter functions let you identify conversation trends and development opportunities. Or lean into artificial intelligence (AI)-powered speech and text analytics tools to identify the information you need.

Extract meaning and insights from every interaction. Use these insights to plan, execute and improve customer satisfaction and employee experiences.

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Automate your call quality assurance and monitoring

Say goodbye to time-consuming monitoring practices. Become a contact centre QA specialist with AI-powered call centre software. Identify and address areas for improvement before they become a problem. Schedule a demo to see how quality assurance makes every interaction better.

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