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Raise the bar for CX in insurance

The risk landscape is constantly evolving. Creating a standout customer experience in the insurance industry means meeting new customer expectations, especially in insurance call centres. Today, a single claim or policy change interaction can make or break long-term customer relationships.

With Genesys, create an innovation platform that provides personalised experiences like never before. You get to deliver connected, cross-channel, customer-centric experiences that exceed client expectations and create lasting loyalty.


Deliver memorable insurance experiences

Empathise with your policyholders

Insurance customers want convenience and transparency. Understand their needs and provide the right products. At the same time, personalise their insurance call centre experience with the necessary services to build customer loyalty.

Improve efficiency and utilisation

Free your agents from time-consuming and repetitive tasks by automating underwriting, claims processing and services. This allows them more time to address challenging interactions and participate in developing effective customer experience solutions.

Elevate and integrate services

Make your insurance ecosystem more digitally integrated. Remove siloes and gain a complete view of the customer journey with an open cloud platform. An integrated insurance experience leads to improve revenue, flexibility and scalability.

Create engaging insurance call centre experiences

Drive customer satisfaction and improve performance with deep customer insights and cross-functional team collaborations. From underwriting to claims, anticipate and address sales and service needs. An agile technology platform makes it easy to keep up with customer expectations in real time.

Radically transform customer experiences

Earning customer loyalty can be difficult with limited interactions between insurers and insurance holders. That said, when customers do engage with you, it’s usually in times of crisis and you must deliver the best support every single time.

Maximise customer satisfaction by favouring insurance holder preferences over what’s “easy” for you and drive customer-centric interactions. Provide options along their journeys. Offer proactive communication about application status, claim status or payment notification. Enable customers to self-serve so they avoid calling and waiting in a queue for a call centre agent.

Improve agility and responsiveness

Legacy core systems often hinder the capabilities of carriers to adapt and respond to fluctuating demands. These systems are often siloed by function, such as distribution or claims. And they often house different data, processes, technology and outcomes. It also means that there is friction in your system, and you are unable to effortlessly switch between applications.

Migrating to the cloud advances your digital transformation, reducing maintenance, costs and support efforts in the process. It also makes it easy to enable remote work, and allows for better efficiency and access to new artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics features.

Adopt intelligent processes

Insurance customers want convenience and simple solutions from their insurance companies. They want agents to understand their needs immediately, get fast outcomes and have their requests met before they even reach out. If they don’t get services like these, they are willing to switch and look elsewhere.

Leverage AI-powered bots and predictive capabilities throughout common processes. It detects patterns in customer behaviours and provides you with deep insights. Keep customers engaged and empower them with self-services – from requesting a quote to filling out an application in the claim process. Gather insights to uncover training needs and improve customer relationships.

Boost operational efficiency

Give customers exceptional service without overworking insurance call centre agents and staff. AI, bots and other technologies deflect unnecessary interactions, reduce handling times and improve efficiency. By digitising your CX services, agents get to skip routine tasks and focus on what they are good at – solving complex customer issues and enabling seamless customer journeys.

Meet customers on the channels they love most with meaningful, helpful content. Let them get what they need without ever making a phone call. And if they require more help, seamlessly guide them towards human support where your agents are ready to give them the help they need.

Connect the customer journey to drive long-term results

Your customer journey can make or break a customer’s loyalty. With the right tools and technologies, you can connect data to provide better insurance call centre experiences. Enable your agents to save time on repetitive tasks and seamlessly improve their experiences too.

See how insurers are transforming customer service

Make it easy for your employees to deliver real-time, world-class support across channels.

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Related Questions

What does CX mean in insurance?

Customer experience (CX) is a key facet in the insurance industry – it refers to the experience customers have when engaging with an insurance company throughout their journey. A good customer experience takes into account all customer interactions, from the purchase process to claims handling and ongoing support. A positive customer experience is critical in the insurance industry, where customers may be dealing with sensitive and complex issues, such as accidents and health problems. Insurance companies that provide timely and effective support will be able to build customer loyalty and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Technology and digitisation are rapidly changing the way the financial sector operates. To improve customer experience and keep up with technology, insurance companies must switch to cloud contact centre solutions now. It integrates all customer interactions and allows insurers to have a clear, unified view of the customer journey. With the cloud platform, organisations can focus on customer experience innovations rather than maintaining outdated infrastructure.

Which software is best for insurance customer management?

Genesys Cloud is the best customer management solution for insurers looking to enhance their customer experience. It enables insurers to manage customer interactions across multiple channels (e.g. email, chat, social media etc.) from a single, integrated platform. It also offers advanced analytics and reporting tools that let insurance companies gain detailed insights into customer behaviours and sentiments. Additionally, Genesys Cloud is compliant with the industry’s best practices and provides advanced security capabilities, ensuring customer information is well protected.

How to improve customer satisfaction in the insurance industry?

In order to improve customer satisfaction and establish a successful relationship between insurers and customers, insurance companies should focus on these five areas:

  1. Offering personalised experiences – By understanding customers’ unique needs and behaviours, insurers get to tailor services to meet customer expectations.
  2. Employing AI – Being able to anticipate customer queries and resolve them in a personalised manner before customers even reach out is one of the best ways to build strong customer relationships.
  3. A 360-degree customer view – Having a comprehensive view of the customer journey ensures that customers do not need to repeat their issues twice and everyone who services the customers have a deep understanding of their queries beforehand.
  4. Utilising data analytics – Adopting the right analytic tools to gain insights into customer behaviours helps insurers to predict and serve customers seamlessly.
  5. Crafting seamless customer journeys – Understanding the points that cause customer pain and frustration and then going in to fix them increases customer satisfaction levels and strengthens customer loyalty.

Genesys Cloud can help you architect a best-in-class customer experience. Enquire with us to learn more.

Explore the power of cloud and AI

It’s time to think beyond risk mitigation and start distinguishing your brand service in insurance. Genesys provides the insurance customer service software needed to connect interactions across touchpoints, develop personalised call centre solutions and exceed customer expectations. With our support, create better customer journeys and experiences for your customers and employees.

Schedule a demo to see the power of AI. Learn how our cloud technology orchestrates effortless customer interactions across all insurance call centres and channels.

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