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Be in touch anywhere, anytime with an all-in-one suite of digital channels

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Let customers connect at the speed of a text

Give customers an easy way to reach you on the communication channels they prefer. An all-in-one suite of digital capabilities — enhanced with bots and predictive artificial intelligence (AI) — lets customers engage in seamless conversations across chat, email, SMS text, messaging apps and social media channels. Empower unified customer service experiences that span multiple channels, giving customers the seamless experience they desire.

Deliver connected experiences

Deliver seamless and connected experiences 24/7 across channels. Engage proactively at the moment of impact. And give customers the convenience of asynchronous conversations, so they can engage when and where they want.

Personalise every interaction

Strengthen customer relationships and build brand and product or service loyalty at scale. Continually connect and refine data around each customer’s unique experience, so you can deliver rich, meaningful and relevant experiences.

Learn and optimise continuously

Learn and adjust faster to what’s happening across digital channels. Quickly uncover new opportunities to improve and proactively deliver what’s relevant to customers — ahead of your competitors.

Prioritise channel choice with personalised, guided experiences

Accelerate your contact centre’s digital transformation. The Genesys Cloud® platform offers an extensive range of digital channels, features and capabilities. Together, they empower businesses to deliver rich, connected and effortless experiences across interaction points.


Unlock deeper customer interactions at scale

Unlock deeper customer interactions at scale

Remove data silos and start better understanding your customers. Genesys consolidates the clues that customers leave about themselves and what they need as they interact with bots, agents and content on different channels. The result is a single view with deep customer insights.

Journey visualisation provides a record of what individual customers have done in their current and previous visits. That gives agents better insight so they can meet customers where they are. With this context in one place, agents can quickly become experts on each customer they assist.

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Develop consistent, streamlined experiences across digital channels

Create a seamless customer experience that avoids miscommunication, bottlenecks and the need for customers to repeat themselves. A single agent workspace across all channel interactions balances usability with customisation, offering rich data and insights at an agent’s fingertips. The unified agent experience reduces complexity and maximises results. Agents and users will both benefit from a knowledge everywhere approach. The knowledge base delivers relevant interactions to customers, providing information via a searchable knowledge portal, self-service bots and knowledge-assisted agents.

Improve engagement while increasing conversions

Improve engagement while increasing conversions

Enhance customer satisfaction on channels your customers prefer. Present engaging experiences through the use of rich media, crafting easy and accessible elements such as cards, carousels and embedded media.

Leverage predictive AI to proactively reach out to customers who might need help. Or have the AI present a perfectly-timed content offer to increase conversions. Once an agent needs to get involved, tap into a wealth of routing options to decrease handle time. These routing options include Genesys Predictive Routing, which uses AI to examine data points about a customer and automatically directs them to the agent most qualified to assist them.

Drive efficiencies and operational excellence

Drive efficiencies and operational excellence

Understand how KPIs are tracking for your digital channels with analytics tools. Then, make quick improvements and act when necessary. Real-time monitoring provides a view of all activity occurring in all channels. That enables supervisors to assist agents directly.

Also get an immediate health check on your contact centre’s knowledge base. With clear answers about what’s important to customers, you’ll know where to focus knowledge creation.

Strike up conversations across digital channels

Reach customers and prospects across a range of channels, empowering them to choose the channel they prefer. Simultaneously, bolster efficiency through self-service options and a consolidation of tools to manage interactions. Streamline the agent experience and maintain performance no matter how many channels you support.


Improve performance of your digital channels

Boost efficiency and increase conversions over digital interactions. Scale up and expand your digital footprint and continue to optimise self-service. Give your agents a helping hand with access to advanced tools and automated recommendations for next steps. And get proactive by using AI to identify the best time to interact with customers via automatically triggered actions — directly supporting business outcomes.


Take the self-guided product tour

Explore the interface, features and functionality of Genesys Cloud. Discover how to deliver extraordinary experiences from a single platform. With a unified workspace, agents can easily manage interactions across channels. Learn how to unlock scale in your contact centre with self-service, agent assistance, robust agent routing and more.


Prioritise a central and consistent digital experience

With Genesys Cloud, say goodbye to silos and welcome seamless, unified and harmonious customer journeys that extend across digital channels.


Real time, data-driven context

Gather a real-time 360-degree view of all customer touchpoints and contextual data. Use the AI-powered insights to personalise every interaction.

Native asynchronous chat

Unlock asynchronous, always-on messaging that customers can pause and resume when it’s convenient. Reduce customer effort with co-browse and screen share.

Proactive engagement

Drive positive outcomes — reducing support strain and driving conversions — by engaging customers proactively with the right message at the right time.

Rich personalisation

Optimise experiences with your brand through rich, personalised interactions. And connect them into seamless journeys that span across the channels your customers use every day.

Bring Your Own Messaging

Leverage Open Messaging APIs, mobile SDKs or Universal Messaging through the AppFoundry® Marketplace to bring in even more channels. Offer customers rich, customised brand experiences.

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Explore the full potential of digital CX

Connect anytime. Build trust. Move fast.

From a single platform, your agents can engage customers — and each other — anytime, anywhere, on any digital channel. And your customers will have the convenience to reach out on the channels they prefer and follow the conversation wherever it leads. Discover how your business will benefit from our comprehensive approach to digital customer service.

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Frequently asked questions

What is digital customer service?

Digital customer service, sometimes abbreviated as “DCS,” means providing customer support across digital channels. A large number of different channels fall under digital support. This includes email, chat (asynchronous and synchronous variants) and SMS texting.

A variety of third-party services are also defined as digital support, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and much more. Fax is a debatable inclusion, although it’s generally managed over email and as attachments regardless.

Why offer digital customer service?

Digital customer service offers contact centres a range of advantages. This includes additional scalability of support, options for visuals (images, embedded videos, etc.) not available when supporting someone over voice and meeting customers where they want to receive service.

What is proactive chat?

Proactive chat lets you target a website visitor, start a conversation at the right moment, and capture leads and conversions. It automatically issues an invitation based on predefined website visitor behaviour, types of buyers, pages visited and more. You can create unlimited rule sets and automatically test chat invitations against each other to fine-tune your strategy.

What is proactive AI?

Conversational AI chatbots can assist with customer acquisition, lead qualification and conversion. With proactive AI, you can deliver intelligent engagement across every step of the customer journey — in the languages your customers speak. And you can deliver it across chat, email, social media platforms, SMS and more. This level of support boosts brand loyalty and allows for more cost-effective support.