Choose the most capable contact centre software

The right cloud contact centre software makes providing great customer experience easy, from call centre basics to the latest CX innovations.

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Contact Centre Software

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Power your contact centre with Genesys AI for personalised experiences at scale.

Automated Routing

Create differentiated experiences and connect customers to the best resource to meet their needs with predictive routing.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Genesys automatic call distribution provides all the automated routing features you need from a cloud call centre service.

Call Centre Software

Make it easy for people to contact your business — when they want to and on the channel they prefer.


Message your prospects and customers in real-time to solve issues quickly — no phone call needed.

Cloud Security

Ensure the security of your cloud-based contact centre.

Co-browse and Screen Share

See the problem your customers call about in real time. Show them how to resolve their issues.

Customer Self-Service

Create a customer self-service experience that’s omnichannel, personalised and conversational–and let business users adjust it to their needs.


Give email the attention it deserves with email management tools built-in to your call centre desktop.

Inbound Contact Centre

Search and sort through categorised calls to find the exact conversation you are looking for.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Drive better customer experiences while making your business more profitable, versatile and scalable with Genesys call centre software and IVR systems.


Embrace modern channels to touch base with your customers without disrupting their day.

Outbound Call Centre

Build customer relationships with timely, personalised and contextual proactive communications across any channel.


Build positive customer experiences by meeting customers on the platforms they already use.

Voice Services

Voice capabilities are an integral part of you communications strategy. Leverage technology to maximise usefulness for your business.

Digital Sales and Service Automation


Program a bot to answer common customer questions. Let agents cover difficult chat interactions.

Customer Journey Management

Use your customer data as a guide for new interactions. Make a path for prospects to move through.

Digital Sales and Service Automation

Use self-service and automation for better customer experience across channels. And lower your costs

Predictive Web Engagement

Know who’s visiting your website and why. Then automatically direct them to the next best step


Build bots with natural language understanding (NLU) and automate the systems your customers use.

Integration and Apps

Integrations and Apps

Connect business-critical systems or add new tools and functionality to your call centre software

Workforce Engagement Optimisation

Employee performance management

Know what agent skills drive business outcomes. Support and motivate employee development to nurture those skills.


Engage your team with an integrated call centre gamification platform.

Long-term workforce planning

Automate complex workforce planning decisions to best serve your unique business needs.

Quality assurance and monitoring

Get deep interaction insights. Use them to improve operations, meet customer expectations and more.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Unite your team and create a more effective workforce.

Workforce forecasting and scheduling

Know when and where you need agent coverage. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered resource management makes it possible.

Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)

Attract, nurture and retain the best agents for your call centre.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Get a complete view of your call centre activities. Let data inform decisions and drive customer experience.

Reporting Integration and Export

Use your data to understand your call centre. Propel business goals and optimise interactions.

Speech and text analytics

Get an in-depth look at what your customers and agents are saying. Find patterns that drive customer experiences.

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