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Modern IVRs keep track of context whether customers self-serve or shift to an agent


Take a fresh look at your IVR

Many organisations still view IVR as little more than a way to reduce costs. But, in doing so, they miss its real value—improved customer service. A well-designed interactive voice response system is fast, convenient and personalised. It drives customer satisfaction and saves time.

Think of IVR technology as the original bot—one that can connect with voicebots, micro-apps and back-end systems. And like the rest of your business ecosystem, it’s evolving. This evolution is happening in technologies like conversational IVR, which uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU), a type of speech recognition that lets a bot understand spoken requests.

Modern IVR systems eliminate slow, confusing and hierarchical menus in favour of data-backed journey options. This difference has a big impact on customer satisfaction. They’re still self‑serving and resolving issues within the IVR—but faster and more efficiently. You’ll see this blending of IVR, voice and bots in the modern Genesys system.

To maximise the potential benefits, choose a solution that takes advantage of innovations in AI, machine learning and NLU. Improve self-service with a solution that integrates into your current environment. Voicebots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can turn pre-recorded messages into a powerful differentiator.

Tear down the walls around your business and make customers’ lives easier

Interaction process automation

Power customer self-service through automation

Deliver personalised and predictive interactions. Use your data to drive journeys. Customers will gravitate towards a well-informed automated system for an effortless self-service experience.

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Understand the importance of people

Automation only goes so far. Blend modern technology with assisted service to maximise benefits. Reduce the cost to serve, manage higher call volumes and improve customer experiences.


Leverage easy development tools

Make your application exactly what you need it to be. Build and deploy a simple, straightforward IVR or tackle the most complex applications. Easy-to-use tools give users more control over their IVR technology.

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Experience Success. Together.

Genesys Recognised by Gartner® as a Leader in the August
2021 Magic Quadrant™️ for Contact Centre as a Service

"Genesys Cloud CX provides a solid platform that will enable the contact centre to grow as business demands increase. With Genesys, I know we have a vendor who understands our needs and can deliver exactly what we require to keep the business running efficiently and effectively."

Jacqui Fox

Project Leader


Raise your IVR expectations

Delivering great customer experiences is about simplifying and personalising engagement. That means being able to understand the customer’s needs. Use what you know. Access relevant profile and business information and use rules to customise the experience.


Tight ACD and business systems integration

The Genesys IVR solution is flexible. It’s built to integrate with your ACD and business systems. Build seamless self-service solutions using our pre-built micro-apps and deliver standard services. Or use the IVR to pre-route for the ACD and then deliver your customer call to the correct agent. Linked routing and IVR make it possible.

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Get on board with conversational IVR

With the intuitive self-service of conversational IVR, your customers resolve issues faster. NLU and machine learning let callers interact with your system in a way that feels natural. Integrations with recognition vendors like Nuance enable understanding of complete phrases. Integrated dual-tone multi-frequency and speech-enabled options offer more ways to improve the experience.

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Personalise your Genesys IVR to meet customer needs

Most IVR applications present customers with identical options, regardless of context. But customers want personalisation. A customisable system lets you tailor messages, menus and treatments for individual customers. Set rules based on who the customer is, why they’re calling and the capacity of your contact centre. This improves FCR, NPS and containment rates.

Omnichannel self service microapps

Leverage powerful pre-built micro-apps

Micro-apps ease implementation and integration to lines of business and CRM systems. This makes it simpler to complete tasks and support self-service. Choose from a wide range of pre-built micro-apps—some of which are industry-specific—to customise your solution. You’ll reduce costs and improve NPS with fewer resource-intensive deployments.

"Improving IVR alone helped raise customer satisfaction and removed lots of unnecessary calls and expense."

Nicolas Wsevolojskoy



Put your customers first and build your IVR around their needs

Visuals ease the caller burden

Visual IVR brings the power of easy touchscreen navigation to the smartphone. Give customers personalised menus, instead of making them remember a list of options.

Reduce security risks with touch-tone

Let your customers enter sensitive information without fear of being overheard. Touch-tone adds security during a self- or assisted-service payment transaction.

Optimise your caller engagement

Improve quality and lower costs using IVR, automation and AI. Deliver seamless experiences across voice, self- and assisted-service. Customer satisfaction rises with a data-driven system.

Remove the three-point check

Modern tools let you identify and verify your customers in the IVR. Improve the customer experience and reduce your agent call time.


Personalised IVR

Personalised IVR for Improved Customer Experience

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How the Intelligent Automation and the Genesys Voice Platform Work Together

Three reasons you need to build an ecosystem

Three reasons you need to build an ecosystem for customer service, not a fragile “frankenstack”

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Blueprint for success

Boost customer satisfaction with a modern Interactive Voice Response system

Request a demo to see the Genesys IVR tool in action. Delight callers with an intuitive automated system that gets them where they need to go—quickly.

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