Make interactions easy with IVR and customer self-service


Give customers and employees effortless experiences

Don’t make your customers wait

Consumers expect 24/7 support. With cloud IVR solutions, customers can reach out how they want, when they want. And they’ll always receive personalised support.

Reduce agent workloads

Automate requests with self-service options that reduce your contact centre’s workload. When interactions need a human agent, transfer context to provide quicker resolutions.

Eliminate disjointed conversations

Customers want a comfortable experience, whether it’s with a human agent or a bot. Easily escalate with full conversation context so customers don’t have to repeat themselves.

Build modern IVR and self-service strategies around customer needs

Drag-and-drop flow builder

Create multilevel interaction flows and menus. Use predefined flows and reusable menu options, or customise your own with a simple drag-and-drop flow builder. The IVR system flags errors before publishing, making it easy and safe to use — even during peak business hours.

Omnichannel bot support

Save time and operational costs by avoiding repetition. Use one app to design and manage your self-service flows. Create a bot once and make it available automatically on any channel — voice, web, SMS or messaging — with full context.

Speech enablement

Make your customer interactions as seamless as possible. Use automatic speech recognition technology for menus. Or use native and third-party natural language understanding (NLU) to increase accuracy.

Customer identification

Identify and verify your customers when they use self-service. Ensure they never have to repeat themselves, even when transferred to a live agent. Improve customer satisfaction experience and reduce agent call time.

Personalised routing

Easily orchestrate interactions, including call routing, based on knowledge of the customer. Optimise customer interactions over time based on their self-service preferences. Provide agents with context to personalise each interaction.

Open APIs

Leveraging public APIs lets you better manage and configure call flows, audio prompts and other data. Use a variety of flexible tools and integrations to create solutions that fit your needs.

Automated attendant and basic IVR

Choose the right self-service strategy. Configure basic IVR voice options and IVR applications if that’s all you need. Use touch-tone and speech prompts. Pass data to your ACD. Get the advanced IVR reports needed.

Visual IVR

Give customers intuitive touchscreen navigation to complete or complement their voice interactions. Offer personalised IVR menu options instead of making customers remember listed options.

Adaptive IVR

Build self-service applications that dynamically adapt to a customer’s journey across channels. Resume existing transactions or trigger personalised sales, collections or retention campaigns — all in real time.



of CX executives worldwide say improving efficiency through greater self-service is their greatest strategic priority.

The State of Customer Experience, Genesys, 2023

Make every self-service interaction feel personal

Customers feel understood and valued when interactions are more conversational. Genesys provides NLU and predictive AI capabilities that create experiences customers love.

Genesys advanced cloud IVR technology connects voicebots, reusable modules and back-end systems to resolve issues more efficiently. Using predictive routing, you can transition IVR incoming calls or self-service interactions to the best agent, reducing customer wait times and speeding resolutions. All interaction context passes to the agent, helping them better serve the customer.

Take the effort out of self-service

Delivering great customer experiences is about simplifying and personalising engagements. Respond to customers faster and more proactively, while tailoring every interaction to customer preferences.

Ensure IVR conversations feel natural

Self-service should provide an easy customer experience. With Genesys IVR software, you can use NLU voicebots to understand and handle customer calls. Or, if a more human touch is needed, you can route calls to the right agent with full context.

Integrations with recognition engines like Nuance and Google Contact Centre AI enable understanding of complete phrases. Integrated dual-tone, multifrequency and speech-enabled options offer more ways to deliver better customer experiences and resolve issues faster.

Elevate self-service customer interactions

Omnichannel is the new normal. Blending voice and digital channels is key to creating exceptional customer experiences. Let customers quickly transition from bots to skilled call centre agents.

Carry over conversation context in real time, giving your customer support team the tools to do their jobs. Improve both customer and employee experiences by providing customer journey and CRM account information.

Design IVR and self-service journeys with ease

Configure, design and manage self-service journeys without IT help. Create your IVR once and deploy across channels to provide on-demand self-service. Sophisticated tools let you personalise the experience for quick customer identification and resolution.

Tailor rules, messages, IVR menus and multilingual flows based on who the customer is, why they’re calling and your contact centre capacity. This improves first-contact resolution, Net Promoter Score and containment rates.

Leverage powerful pre-built apps

Delivering personalised self-service should be seamless. Create solutions using pre-built, multilingual apps — all of which are natively available from your contact centre solution.

Get the advantages of continued innovation, greater agility and reduced operational costs. Reusable action menus save time and resources, giving you greater agility and reduced operational costs. Add new applications and bot technologies, as needed, without rethinking your business logic.

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Frequently asked interactive voice response questions

What is an example of interactive voice response?

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a telephony technology that allows customers to interact with a company’s phone system via voice or touch-tone dialing. An example of IVR could be when a customer calls a bank and is greeted by an automated voice menu that says, “Press 1 for account balance; Press 2 for credit card services; Press 3 to speak with a customer service representative,” and so on.

What is another term for interactive voice response?

Another term for interactive voice response can be “automated voice system” or “voice response unit (VRU).”

What are the advantages of interactive voice response?

IVR systems provide several advantages. They can handle large call volumes, route callers to the appropriate department or agent, provide information 24/7, and help reduce operational costs by automating routine customer inquiries – allowing agents to handle more complex issues.