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Connect with your customers on their favourite channels

Messaging is the fastest-growing and most widely used form of interpersonal communication. Whether it’s Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, another chat app or an SMS, these services are an important part of your customers’ lives and your customer support strategy.

All of these messaging channels create conversations that can live forever. Context and content are never lost and conversations can pick back up at any time, right where they left off. This gives customers a way to interact with you during found moments of time — rather than setting aside blocks of time.

With Genesys contact centre software, your business can join the world of messaging apps.

Make good customer service great with messaging

Customer care

Improve customer experience

Support conversations wherever and whenever customers want. With Genesys messaging software, you can create asynchronous personalised experiences and keep the lines of communication open.

Eye visible

Improve insights and visibility

Every interaction counts in the consumer journey. By continuing conversations and retaining context across all channels, you build stronger customer relationships and loyalty.

Graph bar marketing sales outlined

Increase revenue

Boost your sales by taking the conversation to these engaging channels. Messaging drives massive response rates, so you can capitalise on conversions for renewals, activations and calls to buy now.

Keep the conversation going with two-way messaging

Customers want to message you. With inbound and outbound SMS and messaging apps, your contact centre can create two-way conversations that don't have to end.

From straightforward SMS messages to rich media and interactive elements, make your customer conversations more personal and more fun. Genesys contact centre software helps you impress customers each time they glance at their phone, so you can keep the conversation going.

Omnichannel contact center engagement

Seamless texts and messages

With any number of texts and messages, it’s still just one conversation. An all-in-one solution, Genesys contact centre software captures customer interactions across all channels of communication.

Leverage the power of messaging throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from marketing to customer care to collections and payments. Messages are routed from app to agent at the right time in the conversation, without losing context. This unified approach helps you understand customer conversations better and solve problems faster.


Automated interactions with bots

Messaging and bots are a great match. Bots can analyse your most common use cases and automate many of those interactions before they reach a contact centre agent.

Ultimately, customers get faster resolution on the channel of their choice. And your business streamlines support across all messaging channels, without the need to scale massively each time you add a new channel.

Get up and running in days

Smooth bot-to-agent handoffs

Sometimes it’s hard to automate the customer service skills your trained reps bring to the job. Genesys technology combines automated and agent-assisted interactions. If an automated text or messaging interaction requires special attention, easily escalate to live agents.

This brings an extra element of efficiency and effectiveness to your contact centre operations. And it makes sure customers have the best possible experience, whether they’re texting with a bot or messaging with an agent.

Predictive analytics

Messaging analytics and performance insights

The data’s at your fingertips. Whether the conversation happens on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Voice or email, Genesys connects the data. This helps agents visualise the entire customer journey and create more meaningful conversations.

Your contact centre gets clearer insights and centralised reporting. You can see historical and real-time performance for your text and messaging app interactions, right alongside other communication channels. Spot trends, identify issues and evaluate performance to keep improving your customer experience — all of it backed by data.

"Our messaging bot resolved 10% of all inquiries, while the FAQ chatbot solved one in every two contacts. And we met our goal of achieving at least the same high customer satisfaction and sales conversion rates as our voice channel."

Rolf Neukom

Product Manager, Emerging Channels and Bots


From the basics to cutting edge — all the messaging features your contact centre needs



Keep it simple. Send your customers SMS messages using up to 160 text-based characters. Or use MMS to send longer texts with graphics and video

Messaging apps

Depending on your location and business requirements, we support WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Apple Business Chat and more.

Messaging bots

When customers message you after hours, apps set limits on time to respond. Let bots do it for a better customer experience and eliminate the “Monday morning” problem.

Rich media

Provide richer messaging experiences. Try interactive elements and suggested actions — quick replies, generic templates, buttons, images and templates for speedy deployment.

Multi-tasking messages

Embeddable microapps make it easy to tackle more tasks with your messages. Think: authenticating users, processing payments and managing appointments.

Easy escalation

Keep the conversation going.
Sometimes you need to transition from a message to another channel or a live agent. Easily switch channels, maintaining one conversation.

Unified agent interface

Don’t underestimate good user experience. Genesys routes messages that need attention to the appropriate channel and person — in the same interface you use for calls and chats.

Preference management

Take customer preferences into account. We help you build a compliant customer database to honor opt-in requests, accommodate frequency preferences and remove deactivated numbers.

"We knew that Genesys was already one step ahead of other vendors for digital engagement — SMS, email and chat. It became clear the learning curve for my team would take longer with other vendors than it would with Genesys. We are very satisfied with all the Genesys solutions we're using."

Martin Marois

Senior Manager, IT for Contact Centre Technologies



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Tap the power of messaging for customer care, marketing and payment processing. See how our cloud contact centre software makes it easy to incorporate SMS and the latest messaging apps. You’ll be reaching customers in real time in no time — all while increasing customer happiness and boosting revenue. Request your demo today.

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