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Empower your customers with extraordinary experiences

Growth in digital engagement, employee experience expectations and work-from-anywhere models are transforming contact centres globally. As BPOs, you need to stay competitive with an innovation platform that can support your customers’ digital transformation journey.

With Genesys, you can build a platform that helps your customers reimagine their journeys, leveraging the latest technologies from a global partner ecosystem.

Build a flexible, future-ready innovation platform

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Modernise your customer experience

It’s difficult to meet customers on their preferred channels while using legacy platforms. Customer expectations are changing. Adopt the latest technologies and stay relevant in this competitive landscape.


Engage agents with the right tools

Agents need an integrated platform to handle customer interactions. Give employees a seamless experience across channels with one unified platform. Efficiently address issues and reduce call durations.

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Transition to outcome-driven pricing models

Infrastructure investments shouldn’t keep you from providing great services. Leverage the latest capabilities with the ability to pay on consumption. Achieve better outcomes through optimal resource utilisation.

Orchestrate personalised experiences at scale

Intensifying competition requires enterprises to provide personalised omnichannel experiences. Support your customers with new capabilities available on demand. Build an agile platform with the flexibility to scale based on consumption and outcomes.

Get up and running in days

Make addressing diverse customer needs simple

Customer expectations vary. Serve different needs without the complexity of building a solution from scratch. Easily integrate applications or add new tools and functionalities to your contact centre software. Enable your IT team to refocus on strategic company goals.

A microservices architecture enables you to customise the ideal mix of capabilities for rapid innovation and agility. Feel safe in knowing that your services can reliably address customers’ expectations.

Omnichannel contact center engagement

Respond to changing demands with agility

New technologies and applications are transforming consumer experiences. Companies expect you to provide new functionalities as they become available. Set your business apart with the ability to respond swiftly to varying demands.

Spare your customers from lengthy development, testing and integration cycles. Give them the service and satisfaction they seek through “click and enable” plug-ins. Foster trust between you and your customers by providing quick responses.


Empower agents with the right support

Keep employees motivated by providing what they need to do their jobs. Drive agent performance with consistent and optimised self-paced eLearning. Rethink traditional training cycles and offer options that meet new workforce demands.

Use gamification capabilities to improve employee engagement, build strong connections in a virtual team and extend rewards. You can retain your key talent with the right employee engagement technologies.

Targeted proactive communications

Overcome intense margin pressures

Slim margins are a known challenge in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. Give yourself the power to provide excellent service at competitive price points. Focus instead on building great customer relationships that drive profitability.

Introduce a flexible business model with a pay-as-you-go pricing to realise cost savings. With Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC), you have the freedom to plug and play your preferred carrier.

Transform your contact centre with a single, unified platform

Provide secure, personalised customer experiences and engage employees with an all-in-one cloud platform

Call centre software

Simplify customer engagement across all channels and manage it all in one place.

Predictive routing

Automate universal queues to support customers with the right resource or agent.

Integrations and apps

Realise cost savings with customisable infrastructure and easy-to-integrate third-party apps


Personalise conversations regardless of customer background with asynchronous interactions.

Workforce engagement management (WEM)

Understand the agent experience with an integrated workforce environment.

Employee performance management

Guide agents to reach their full potential and drive business outcomes.


Motivate your team and achieve business goals with fun and interactive daily activities.

Workforce forecasting and scheduling

Get accurate forecasting and scheduling with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered resource management.

Trusted by leading BPOs around the world

Inspire your employees and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Provide a modern customer experience

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