Inbound call centres are the front lines of success

Treat each customer interaction like it’s the most important. Whether you connect with voice, digital or self-service, loyal customers remember a great experience.

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Give customers one consistent path to a great experience

When prospects and customers contact your company, they expect the same quality experience whether they engage your inbound call centre by voice, chat, web message or other channel. While the best experiences lead to growth and customer loyalty, bad experiences lead to lost sales and customer churn. When customers are routed right away to the best agent, they’re more likely to continue engaging. And when agents know why the customer is contacting the business — before they engage — you can tailor conversations in the best possible way. With the right routing across all channels, customers are served faster and more efficiently by more productive agents.


Connect every customer interaction

Deliver seamless inbound interactions

Give customers the best possible experience by matching each caller with the best resource — whether it’s a representative or a bot. Customers have a consistent experience when you unify voice and digital in a single platform.

Modernise customer and employee experiences

Move off outdated technology to simplify software management, configuration and administration. Discover how easily you can adapt and innovate to drive the best customer and employee experiences.

Make customer experience your differentiator

Use defined business priorities to segment and prioritise interactions based on criteria you set. With personalised routing across voice and digital channels, customers get to their desired outcome faster.

Focus customer engagement on meeting expectations

The more you know about your customers, the better you’ll serve them — and continually improve that service, too. Capture all relevant data no matter which channel they engage on and use it to personalise their next experience.

Meet customers on their channel of choice

Customers want to engage with businesses on their terms. Make it easy for them by offering digital channels and voice. Blending your customer engagement channels lets you transition conversations across them. If you’re chatting with a customer on a messaging app, that conversation can continue on other channels, including voice, where many tough issues escalate.

And when you connect your channels to your CRM system, you can collect more data from these conversations and continue improving the customer experience.

Route interactions to the right resource

Genesys Inbound solutions create a unified contact centre across geographically dispersed teams using intelligent routing. These solutions optimise all available resources and balance workloads across multiple sites with advanced inbound routing capabilities. Intelligent routing eliminates long wait times for known callers. If no agents are available with the right skills, calls are transferred more often and hold times increase.

Genesys Inbound call centre software recognises repeat customers and routes them to either the last agent they spoke with or the best-skilled agents to address their needs. If none are available, you can offer customers a callback option. Predictive routing leverages data and context and becomes more effective as your understanding of customers and their intent increases.

Empower agents to deliver empathy

Offering a personalised experience shows customers empathy — and those feelings build trust and drive customer loyalty. Using a single interface, agents have full context and history of customer engagements across voice and digital channels. Agents have all the insights needed to support customers and tailor interactions by personalising scripts, for example.

In just seconds, agents can consume these insights and get to the heart of a customer’s problem immediately. This reduces handle time. And it’s less stressful for agents, who are empowered to influence outcomes and a better experience for the customer.

Gain insights for inbound optimisation

Use data and insights to inform and guide teams to create more personal, empathetic experiences. Capturing data from all sources, such as customer behaviour on your website before customers engage, can be used to significantly smooth out interactions.

Speech analytics features let you search voice interactions for keywords and phrases, and mine recordings for insights into what customers want as well as opportunities to improve. Genesys call centre software handles all interaction analytics with a single application — you don’t have to work with multiple tools. Analysing all these interactions and reporting on them uncovers the true meaning of conversations and your customers’ intent.

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Make it easy for customers to engage with Genesys Inbound

Inbound omnichannel interactions

Robust inbound voice options

Offer more options to engage with voicemail and callback. Gain insight into customer preferences through post-call surveys and call recordings that you can use to make improvements and train agents.

Omnichannel inbound experiences

Connect all the ways your customers engage with you for a seamless experience across web messaging and messaging apps — whether it’s with human agents or artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbots and voicebots.

Predictive, personalised routing

Automatically send customers to the best resource available by routing them according to your own business rules. You’ll learn from interactions and improve results over time.

Agent enhancement tools

Agents benefit from a unified desktop that integrates with leading CRM systems. Display all customer data, including context from previous interactions, to help agents resolve issues faster and see revenue-generating opportunities.

Inbound self-service

Offer customers 24/7 self-service over voice and online with speech-enabled IVR and web messaging. And when agents step in for bots, it creates seamless bot-to-agent handoffs.

Comprehensive inbound features

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Aim for service that goes beyond customer expectations

When customers engage with your business on their preferred channel — or multiple channels — they expect the same quality of service. Your inbound call centre solutions should make it easy to connect customers with the best resource and support agents with easy-to-use tools. As you capture more insights from all customer interactions and optimise processes, you’ll continually improve their experience across channels.

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