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Earn loyalty and wallet share with easy, personalised shopping

Stellar retail customer service creates memorable customer experiences. Meet customer demands no matter where they are, when they shop or which channels they prefer to use.

With Genesys, you can orchestrate unique, omnichannel brand experiences at scale. Collect and connect data from online stores and interactions from e-commerce call centres, all across the shopper lifecycle to deliver deep personalisation. Use our unified platform to deliver memorable retail experiences – even during peak seasons and large sales events, online and offline.


Connect retail customer service with scalable retail support

Personalise shopping experiences

Understand your customers, predict their next steps and provide timely support. Make customers feel understood by using real-time and historical data to engage shoppers and build customer loyalty. Seamlessly adjust messaging and offers based on buyer behaviour to deliver excellent customer service and exceed customer expectations.

Give reps one unified platform

Happy associates naturally lead to great customer service. An all-in-one retail customer service engagement platform gives agents the insights they need to craft strong customer relationships. Create effortless customer experiences across all channels, be it online or your physical store – all from one platform.

Earn loyal, repeat customers

Give customers what they want – easy and convenient shopping experiences that fit their lifestyles. Solve customer issues quickly and offer contextual promotions, anywhere, anytime. Increase average order value, provide personalised advertisements and gain more traffic with your retail business and strengthen customer loyalty.

Push your customer experience beyond the shopping cart

Retailers must navigate more channels, time zones and options than ever before and do it well. Start by building your retail customer service, connecting every customer interaction and making every moment count. And with online retail being the new norm, today’s retail brands need to start creating masterclass posts on social media to stay exciting and relevant.

Predict your customers’ needs

Be ready to serve shoppers via social media, messaging apps, phone, email and more. Keep them satisfied and encourage loyalty by going beyond with reactive multichannel support. Deliver seamless shopping experiences in the pursuit of great customer service and exceed customer expectations.

Use real-time and historical data to gain deep customer insights, predict needs and provide proactive customer support. After painting a holistic customer persona, meet customers on the channels they love most and with messaging that resonates. Augment the digital experience and use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide what shoppers need, exactly when they need it.

Engage shoppers on their terms

Your customers want the freedom to navigate their shopping journeys on their own terms. Empower your customer across all channels, from online stores to physical stores with the ability to self-serve. Give them the power to contact your brand, make payments and find answers on any channel. And let them do it all without having to interact with a retail agent.

Consumers can access order updates with self-service tools, lessening WISMO (where is my order) call centre interactions. Focus on higher-priority agent interactions – and watch first-contact resolution and customer satisfaction rise. Elevate your retail customer service and improve the shopping experience now.

Fulfill orders and expectations across all channels

Shop, click, collect. Siloes stop you from fully understanding your customers. Break them down at these important moments and connect them across retail customer service channels for convenience and transparency. Deploy AI to follow journeys, identify preferences and engage via customers’ favourite channels.

Make it easy to track order status, whether it’s a contactless delivery or in-store pickup. Address any issues quickly, in a way all parties feel good about. Avoid bad customer service and encourage full visibility, making it easier to resolve returns, refunds, replacements and complaints. Take your retail customer service to new heights and embrace amazing shopping experiences.

Drive customer satisfaction — and your bottom line

Fostering lifelong customer loyalty means knowing your shoppers. While balancing different customers, portfolios and engagements, it’s hard for agents to come up with the best, personalised solutions on the spot during an interaction. Help your agents succeed by providing them with AI-assisted prompts that are highly relevant to your customers.

Genesys makes it possible to gather interaction data across channels with a state of art CX software. Coupled with the power of AI, you get to learn customer needs and interaction preferences. You can address issues and offer product suggestions at the best moment for a sale – enabling shoppers to become repeat customers.

Deliver omnichannel experiences with retail customer service solutions

Customers have unlimited options, especially when it comes to online purchases. To keep sales steady and foster loyalty, good customer service is key for online retail companies. Invest in a solution with digital capabilities that adapt and scale – without sacrificing customer experience.

Trusted by leading retailers around the world

Put excellent customer service at the front of your retail and eCommerce selling strategy.

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Related Questions

What is retail customer service?

Customer service in retail is all about providing support and assistance to customers shopping in brick-and-mortar or online. This includes facilitating a seamless shopping experience – from browsing products online, purchasing them in stores and receiving after-sales support. With the rise of e-commerce, a cloud contact centre can provide an easy and efficient customer experience across multiple channels. It can unify all interactions on a unified platform and has advanced reporting and analytic tools to provide deep customer insights that can enhance the customer experience for the long term.

How do you provide good customer service in retail?

To provide good customer service and establish a successful relationship between your brand and shoppers, retailers should focus on these five areas:

  1. Personalising the shopping experience – By understanding what customers are browsing and saving into their wish lists, retailers get to provide personalised offers to products that truly matter to customers.
  2. Employing AI – Being able to analyse and anticipate when customers are hesitant to press “buy” or the processes where they will struggle allows you to reach out and offer support before customers can abandon the cart.
  3. Gaining a 360-degree customer view – Having a comprehensive view of the customer journey from online to offline ensures that you can follow customers no matter where they are in their shopping experience.
  4. Utilising data analytics – Customers are offering their feedback and you need the right tools to listen, analyse and act accordingly. Analytic tools can help you to understand customers in a deeper manner.
  5. Crafting seamless customer journeys – Understanding the points that cause customer pain and frustration and then going in to fix them increases customer satisfaction levels and strengthens customer loyalty.

Genesys Cloud CX can help you architect a best-in-class customer experience. Enquire with us to learn more.

How to manage the customer journey in retail?

Retailers can easily manage the customer journey in retail by following these five steps that will help them understand and manage customer experiences throughout their shopping journey:

  1. Create a seamless and consistent experience across every customer touchpoint – from browsing online to making an in-store purchase.
  2. Connect different customer platforms, such as the website, email and enquiries channels and social media avenues in an integrated platform.
  3. Leverage data and AI to provide personalised and targeted messaging to customers.
  4. Ensure that employees are well trained to handle all queries and that they are empowered to go the distance for the customers.
  5. Remove data siloes and analyse all segments together to get a comprehensive understanding of your business and customer sentiment.

Reimagine your retail customer service software

Earn loyal customers for years to come. To meet evolving expectations, brands must deliver personalised, omnichannel experiences. This means connecting data to deliver seamless experiences at scale. Engage customers with these insights no matter how they shop — on your website or in your retail store.

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