Improve automation with AI predictive routing

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Personalise experiences and automate orchestration workflows at scale

Match customers to the right agents

Use AI to analyse data and detect patterns. Apply the insights to seamlessly match customers with the right agents, on the right channel, at the right moment.

Reduce average handle time

Exceed key performance metrics with ease. Optimise and automate routing processes using historical and real-time contact centre and customer data.

Understand your customers better

Gain a deeper understanding of customer intentions with artificial intelligence (AI). Predict the agent most suited to meet their needs and deliver the best experience.

Improve routing processes with turnkey AI

Discover, try, buy

With turnkey AI and an intuitive dashboard, you can analyse which queues are the best candidates for optimisation. Pick your queue then simply run your 90-day free trial.

Intelligent routing models

Analyze interaction data in real time to discover patterns. Ensure the best possible outcome by identifying the agent equipped to meet customer demands.

One data repository in a simple UI

With predictive routing, you can start using AI workflows without difficulty. It’s like having a data scientist in a box. All your data is in one simple UI, making it easy to test and configure queues across voice and digital channels.

No need to rip and replace

Predictive routing works alongside your existing routing rules. It makes recommendations to optimise queues that allow you to gradually migrate over. The data will be AI-ready when you are.

Transparent AI

Gain greater visibility and transparency into how your data is used with Genesys AI models. Explainability features help business users understand what data points have the greatest impact on routing decisions.

AI made easy

With Genesys, your models will always be up to date. You can provision, test and roll out new routing models at your own pace — and without any additional services or implementation fees.

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of consumers permanently feel differently about a brand based on a single contact centre communication

Qualtrics, 2020

Deliver the best experience the first time

Customers expect quick, convenient experiences. With Genesys predictive routing solutions, you can truly understand their wants and needs, as well as your agents’ strengths and behaviours. Use agent, customer and interaction data to detect patterns, make decisions and support outcomes.

Use this information to route every interaction to the right agent. Then pull all interaction data back into your Genesys platform. Easily map and orchestrate customer journeys using AI-driven data and insights to deliver more personalised experiences at scale across voice and digital channels.

Take the difficulty out of data with AI

Modern call centres must handle large call volumes, evolving customer expectations and shifting business demands in real time. With AI, you can efficiently analyse hundreds of data points to anticipate the best agent for each interaction. Predictive routing removes manual rule maintenance — and empowers administrators to optimise for chosen KPIs.

Optimise for important business metrics

Your business is unique and your goals are, too. Route interactions based on logic that will achieve your key business and contact centre metrics, including customer lifetime value, average handle time and transfer rate. Go beyond queue- and skills-based routing with predictive routing that learns over time. The right solution will adapt to changing data trends to meet real-time demand and resourcing.

Connect customers to the best agent for the job

Predictive routing allows you to analyse agent, customer and interaction data. Easily detect patterns that more effectively match customers to agents. This includes predicted customer needs and agent troubleshooting behaviours, knowledge areas and other strengths. Use these insights to increase understanding and empathy, while increasing business performance.

Take the risk out of AI

Get a fully automated AI lifecycle with Genesys. Predictive routing lets you identify queue potential, deliver caller- and agent-matching logic, automate outcome prediction, and discover patterns. Give your admins AI-powered tools that can be optimised based on the latest interaction data.

Make managing AI accessible

Managing routing rules shouldn’t demand manual analysis or maintenance. Predictive routing makes it easy for non-technical and technical users to test and implement routing logic. Optimise your routing decisions for specific KPIs using machine learning AI logic, without ever needing to build complex models or dive deep into data.

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