What is a cloud contact centre?

A cloud contact centre is a communication hub within an organisation. Hosted on an internet server and accessed from any location, it handles all inbound and outbound customer interactions. A cloud contact centre has the capability to handle every communication channel including voice, web, live chat, text and social media. It will revolutionise your legacy contact centre, transforming it into a modernised contact centre.

Tech savvy customers are increasingly expecting companies to offer communication via whatever channel they choose. Contact centres need to adapt quickly to changing times and this can be a challenge. Cloud contact centres provide the solution. With no upfront capital investment and rapid roll out, your legacy contact centre can become cutting edge, delivering the service your customers expect.

How Genesys can help perfect your cloud contact centre

Make your contact centre cutting edge with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.

Discover the advantages of a Genesys Cloud CX Contact Centre, including:

  • Lower operating costs and increased return on investment.
  • Enhanced customer service quality and staff development and motivation.
  • Productive workforce.
  • Flexibility and scalability to meet business needs.

Protect your business against the increasing maintenance and upgrade costs of legacy contact centres. Find out more by downloading our eBook Ten Considerations in Moving to the Cloud.

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