Leverage AI to automate customer journeys

Proactively engage users with bots powered by Genesys AI. Streamline the service process and connect customers to the right resource the first time.

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Combine digital sales, support and intelligent automation for a unified process

To excel at social selling, you need to meet customer demand across channels. Provide support on WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Messenger, SMS, social media and any future messaging apps. Automation allows for fast and successful interactions any time, any place. With bots, you can scale across digital channels without overwhelming agents.

Good automation is about balance. Use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate common requests and keep users moving through your standard digital selling process. Improving your customer self-service options saves time for customers and keeps your valuable sales team free to step in when users most need them.

Start the digital sales transformation. Use machine learning and real-time insights about website behavior to pinpoint when to reach out. Genesys AI lets you engage prospects at the right moment and focus on those who are most likely to convert.

Step up your digital sales with AI automation—engage with customers on their terms

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Let customers set the timeline

Customers want to start and stop interactions when they like. Let them pick up unfinished conversations at any hour using AI and bots.

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Connect the threads and touch points

Understand your customers’ complete history, including details about past experiences and personal engagement preferences.

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Unite channels with bots

Build bots once and deploy them on all channels, including voice. Craft a seamless customer experience that lowers costs and improves service.

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Blueprint for success

Design the perfect cloud contact center solution with our CX blueprint tool.

Shape customer journeys with AI-assisted solutions and machine learning

Great artificial intelligence is hard to find. You want AI that meets your business needs and improves customer experience. Genesys is the solution.

Offer customer-centered AI that tracks across every digital and social touch point. And then report on that data in a useful way. Learn what users are doing right now so you can act on it in real time.

Journey sales

Assist potential buyers and help them navigate

Capture, qualify, engage and convert leads—fast. Machine learning on your website lets you separate potential buyers from visitors. Use what you learn to identify moments of struggle for your customers and prospects. Then assign the best-available resource (bot or human) to shape buyer journeys toward the desired outcome.

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Future-proof technology for an evolving strategy

Leverage bots and third-party AIs, including Google and Amazon, across all your channels. Genesys call center software isn’t limited to our native AI. Build a bot once and integrate it with any AI.

As new AI technology emerges, Genesys will still manage backend integrations. This means you don’t have to build integrations to every new AI. Choose when, not if, to use native or third-party bots.

Customer care

Proven delivery of great customer experiences

By combining deep industry experience and expertise with innovation that’s grounded in best practices, Genesys takes a holistic approach to digital sales and service automation. Get tools that give a full view of both the customer journey and employee engagement—backed by valuable data and insights.

Intelligent automated routing

Track interactions across all channels, including voice

What starts as a bot interaction with your customer might shift to an agent and then to a phone call with a sales professional. Our flexible, AI-backed solution let you follow and manage user journeys. Then you can capture, qualify, engage and convert leads faster and more effectively. Route to the best experience for each customer—without channel silos.

"We’re having conversations that we would not have otherwise been having. These are new conversations — customers in the past had browsed the website and dropped off."

Paul Cahill

Head of Digital and Direct

Credit Union of Australia

Take control of digital sales and services with AI-powered automation

Seamless sales and customer service

Eliminate barriers that create departmental divides. Blend sales and marketing with support experiences using the same customer-centric tools.

Make everyone (and everything) smarter

Genesys AI captures and consolidates customer history. It then reports on it so you can understand the journey and predict the next-best actions for bots and agents.

Asynchronous for customers, not you

Digital customers can be unpredictable—they come and go midstream. But with AI-powered bots and automation, you can react immediately with full historical context.

Engage with your customers anywhere

Blend bot interactions with the human touch. This balance makes it simple for a customer to switch channels with no loss of context for call center agents. Be there for customers on chat, social networks, voice and more.

Predictive engagement for unique customers

Use AI and machine learning to see which online journey will lead to a sale. Work with sales leaders to engage prospects and customers while they’re on your website.

Choose the best option for engagement

Get interactions to the right agent or bot with routing that drives intentional results. Optimize for Net Promoter Score, revenue and more.


Improve customer satisfaction, sales and workforce engagement with AI

Improve customer satisfaction, sales and workforce engagement with Genesys Blended AI

Drive more sales through your website resource center en

Drive more sales through your website

Increase website conversions with AI and machine learning

Increase website conversions with AI and machine learning

Gartner names Genesys a Leader in the 2020 CCaaS Magic Quadrant

Genesys named a Leader in Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for CCaaS

Make your website work for your sales organization

An integrated sales and service strategy can turn your website into your best digital marketer. Whether you’re in business-to-consumer or business-to-business sales, your website can work better for you. Request a demo to see how to optimize your website sales process today—and in the future.

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