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Federal News Network:

AI, Intelligent Automation Gives Agencies New Capabilities to Improve Citizen Services

In the White House’s fiscal 2021 budget request, the plans are to double investments in artificial intelligence and quantum computing. The administration is asking for $2 billion in non-defense AI.

This raises the question of how AI and intelligent automation in the customer experience domain can impact agencies internally and externally?

In an onsite interview with Federal News Network, Dave York, the Senior Vice President of U.S. Public Sector for Genesys shares how agencies can use RPA, AI, and intelligent automation to continue and accelerate their digital transformations and improve citizen services.

Access this interview to hear the three things agencies need to do to prepare to use these emerging technologies:

  • Make sure they know their customer, their needs, their expectations, and what are the repeatable functions that could benefit from automation.
  • Do journey mapping of the customer’s lifecycle with your agency and ask where you can insert a chatbot or other technology to interact with the citizen.
  • Leveraging the right technology, including ensuring you are creating an omnichannel experience so the technology is seamlessly integrated across all parts of the agency.

Watch the interview