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Elevate citizen experiences with Genesys Cloud CX

Provide trusted, secure government services using a modern, all-in-one cloud platform


Engage constituents on a FedRAMP In Process solution

Meet modernization and security requirements with a FedRAMP In Process composable customer experience (CX) platform. Power your virtual call center and create a better experience for your employees and the people you serve — while accelerating mission outcomes.

Deliver on the mission, securely

Meet rising public expectations with a FedRAMP In Process cloud-based solution that’s built for trust, transparency and security.

Simplify your tech stack

Take advantage of the most comprehensive set of all-in-one cloud contact center capabilities.

Be ready for the unexpected

Scale government services quickly and easily. Auto-scaling services instantly respond to changes in citizen demand.

Modernize with composable CX

Create the ideal mix of capabilities, low- or no-code integration methods, and open APIs to quickly compose new use cases.

Orchestrate better citizen journeys

Visualize, analyze and optimize end-to-end citizen journeys across all touchpoints and channels — voice, chat, email, text and social media.

Increase citizen engagement

Make it fast and easy for citizens to get the right information. Bots and intelligent virtual assistants provide 24/7 service for routine inquiries.

Elevate your employee experience

Attract and retain the best people by giving them the best tools, knowledge and information to serve the mission and reach their potential.

Keep budgets in check

Take control of your contact center spend. Reduce costs with predictable subscription-based services and flexible consumption models.

Deliver personalized constituent experiences across every channel

Capture data from all engagement channels and access it in real time. With the single, secure Genesys Cloud CX™ platform, you can use derived insights to guide citizen journeys, take proactive measures automatically and help agents deliver more personalized and empathetic experiences.


Connect conversations across multiple channels into a seamless citizen experience.

Predictive routing

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to match constituents to the employees most likely to deliver the best service.

Proactive engagement

Reduce operational costs and proactively deliver important, time-sensitive information via citizens’ preferred channels.

Analytics and reporting

Easily integrate, view, manage and act on data. Use real-time insights to improve decisions, opportunity areas and results.


Genesys Cloud CX is designed and built for accessibility. View our Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT) for adherence to US Section 508 guidelines.

Workforce engagement

Cloud-native workforce engagement management solutions handle quality, performance, scheduling, training and recognition.

Improve CX to build trust and engagement

Drive agility in your virtual government call center