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Federal News Network:

Why Customer Experience Must Be More Than a Mission Enabler

Mandates and regulations issued over the past two administrations and Congress have made it clear that improving the customer experience is a priority. Recently, the OBM added customer experience requirements into their Circular A-11 Memo.
At the same time, agencies are struggling to keep up with citizen expectations.

Why does customer experience matter?

During this onsite interview with Federal News Network, Dave York, the Senior Vice President of U.S. Public Sector for Genesys addresses this question and shares how agencies can improve how they deliver services to citizens.

Access this interview to hear:

  • Recent mandates and pending relations to improve customer experience
  • Three ways that effective customer experience can enable the mission
  • The difference between an onmnichannel and multichannel experience
  • How technologies (such as automation, AI and RPA) that improve customer experience

Watch the interview