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Are you prepared to protect your community with COVID-19 Contact Tracing?

Automate your COVID-19 Contact Tracing strategy

Community members are looking for a safe, healthy environment as they establish a new normal. Preparation is key to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Be ready with an automated COVID-19 Contact Tracing strategy, built on the #1 Cloud contact center software.

According to the CDC, contact tracing is used by departments to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Contact tracing involves identifying people who have an infectious disease (cases) and people who they came in contact with (contacts) and working with them to interrupt the spread.

Get in front of the spread of COVID-19, by proactively automating the process to guide community members through the detailed journey of contact tracing.

This includes:

  • Pro-actively educate your community on your procedure. Empower them with FAQs and steps to take for help.
  • Trace and monitor contacts of infected individuals. Notify them of their exposure by utilizing an automated, omnichannel approach.
  • Support the quarantine of contacts. Help ensure the safe, sustainable, and effective quarantine of contacts to prevent additional transition.
  • Expand staffing resources to meet the needs required in contact tracing.
  • Use digital tools. Adoption and evaluation of digital tools may expand the reach and efficacy of contact tracers.

Constant communication is required between the contract tracer, patient, and contacts who have been exposed to the patient. Our cloud contact center software can automate this process. With our omnichannel approach using web chat, voice, SMS, and other channels – we can maximize your staffing resources with our cloud contact center capabilities.

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