Olivier Jouve

Chief Product Officer

“Only the cloud offers the flexibility, scalability and computing power to analyze in real time the vast data resulting from customer interactions today across every channel.”

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Olivier Jouve is the Chief Product Officer for Genesys. As Chief Product Officer, Olivier leads the company’s product, artificial intelligence and digital teams to advance its market foothold in experience orchestration, enabling organizations worldwide to coordinate technologies, touchpoints and channels across the end-to-end customer journey.  Olivier is responsible for the overall product direction and innovation for all of Genesys, including oversight of the Genesys Cloud™ and Genesys Engage™ platforms, Pointillist® by Genesys, the Genesys PureConnect® application, workforce engagement management (WEM) solutions and others.

In a previous role at Genesys, Olivier led the Genesys Cloud business as Executive Vice President and General Manager for five years. Under his leadership, the Genesys Cloud platform experienced rapid growth and delivered market leading innovation, resulting in continual recognition from top industry analysts firms and strong adoption from businesses worldwide.

As a pioneer in customer sentiment technology, Olivier offers 30 years of global product management and research and development for enterprise and startup tech brands. He provides deep expertise on machine learning, text analytics and artificial intelligence.

Prior to joining Genesys, Olivier held a variety of senior executive roles for IBM®, including vice president of offering management for IBM Watson IoT™, among others. To address some of the world’s most pressing challenges in transportation, manufacturing and energy delivery, he also developed and took to market innovative Internet of Things solutions including connected vehicles, Industry 4.0 and smart grids.

Earlier in his career, Olivier held executive positions at SPSS Inc. and LexiQuest; founded Instoria, Portalys, and Voozici.com; and served as managing director for Webcarcenter.com. He also served as an associate professor in computer science at Leonardo da Vinci University in Paris.

Olivier received two master’s degrees in computer science and geophysics/geochemistry from Pierre et Marie Curie University.

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