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IVR Driver

Use your existing IVR and add new routing capabilities

IVR Driver


  • Integrates existing third-party VXML 2.0+ IVR platforms with Genesys quickly and simply
  • Extends the value of your existing IVR while gaining new efficiency

Key Features

  • Telephony functions, such as transfer, conference, answer and release
  • Call data manipulation, such as attach, update and delete
  • Treatment handling for agent hold and parking
  • Load distribution to multiple Genesys IVR servers
  • Virtual channel generation for SIP implementations
  • Static and dynamic channel allocation capabilities

Keep your existing IVR

When setting up your contact center, you can’t always start with a blank slate. If your existing VXML 2.0+ IVR meets your needs, you’ll want to maintain that investment as you upgrade other areas of your contact center.

Enhance your existing IVR with new routing capabilities

Genesys® IVR Driver is a service that integrates your existing IVR with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, enabling you to preserve your existing setup while gaining the benefits of more advanced routing capabilities. Features like complete agent-state tracking and call-handling capabilities—routing, queuing, conferencing and third-party call control—not only improve voice self-service for your customers but also boost efficiency.

Gain more operational value with IVR Driver integration

IVR Driver is a web portal that enables primary and high-availability production and quality assurance ports, as well as development lab ports.

Providing a bridge between your existing IVR and your Genesys platform reduces call handling times by displaying customer information via
screen pops. This lets your agents easily address callers’ needs. And, because the service is based on open standards and uses VoiceXML, XML messaging and open-source software, you also can improve your knowledge-based support via online forums and expanded talent pools.

IVR Driver connects to the Genesys IVR server, which is typically configured two ways in nonSIP environments:

  • IVR-in-front configuration with no switchspecific T-Server
  • IVR-behind-switch configuration
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Technical specifications

  • VoiceXML 2.0+ specification
  • Supports Genesys Media Server platforms 7.5 through 8.5
  • Requires Apache Tomcat application server 1.7 or 1.8
  • Compatible release of Genesys T-Server for IVR-behind-switch configurations
  • Support for up to six concurrent IVR connection instances
  • Support for primary/backup and loadbalanced, high-availability models

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