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Compliant outbound communications

Simplify your compliance efforts by controlling your own outbound campaigns

Compliant outbound communications


  • Simplifies compliance efforts
  • Enables clients to create custom outbound campaigns
  • Prevents contact of ineligible numbers
  • Controls contact frequency with self-service rule-builder
  • Tracks consumer mobility and phone portability
  • Manages customer opt-in database
  • Ensures agents comply with requirements

Key Features

  • PCI Level 1 service provider
  • SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II-compliant service and datacenters
  • HIPAA- and GLBA-compliant
  • EU-US Safe Harbor-certified

Your exposure to compliance risk

In this uncertain and tightening regulatory environment, complying with multiple guidelines increases the cost and complexity of doing business—as do increasingly strict client requirements and the growing risk of litigation and hefty fines for non-compliance.

Complying with worldwide requirements

Genesys Outbound Engagement provides a robust set of tools that mitigates your company’s risk and enables communications that are compliant with TCPA, FDCPA, FCRA, UK Data Protection Act, PCI DSS, GLBA, and HIPAA—as well as new demands imposed by regulatory agencies such as the FCC, FTC, and CFPB (in the US), Ofcom and OFT (in the UK), and CRTC (in Canada).

Create outbound campaigns that minimize risk and meet compliance requirements, resulting in increased control, improved efficiencies, lower costs, and more outreach opportunities. Genesys Outbound Engagement offers advanced capabilities and tools to enhance your compliance efforts, including:

  • Multichannel communications—Detection tools and filters automatically apply different treatment strategies to landline and mobile numbers and enable compliant communications across multiple channels, including outbound IVR, dialer, email, and text messaging.
  • Contact controls—A dynamic compliance rule builder lets you define the maximum number of outreach attempts across and within channels, by device or account number, for a specified period of time. Contact controls enable you to lower outreach costs, provide a better customer experience, mitigate risk, and comply with requirements.
  • Contact list hygiene (US only)—Identify reassigned mobile numbers in your contact list that should be removed from future outbound communications and verify phone ownership regularly to minimize the chance of contacting ineligible numbers.
  • Customer opt-in—Capture, store, and honor stated preferences, such as a customer opting to receive mobile communications. Optimize your campaigns based on observed behaviors, such as a consumer responding to text messages and landline calls but never to email or mobile calls, without compromising compliance.
  • Campaign analytics—On-demand access to interactive online dashboards and visualizations provides real-time analytics so you can monitor compliance with metrics such as contact attempts and contact rates.
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Technical specifications

Track consumer mobility and phone portability

Enable proper outreach during safe contact windows with:

  • Time zone detection tools
  • State and regional dialing rules
  • Treatment strategies for blended landline and mobile devices
  • Manual and preview dialing

Manage customer opt-in

Maintain a customer opt-in database that:

  • Captures and maintains your opt-in list
  • Automates opt-out mechanisms
  • Removes carrier deactivated numbers
  • Offers real-time data integration with third-party applications

Avoid contacting ineligible numbers

Create custom outbound campaigns that use:

  • Flexible campaign filters
  • Internal suppression lists
  • National Do Not Call registry
  • UK Telephone Preference Service filters
  • Customizable expiration dates
  • Channel-specific suppression lists
  • Enterprise-, account-, and campaign-level suppression
  • Mobile number identification
  • Management of reassigned numbers
  • Phone ownership verification
  • Opt-in database integration

Control contact frequency

Utilize the self-service interface for:

  • Building dynamic rules
  • Limiting contact frequency by device or account and across channels for a specified time frame
  • Defining calling windows by state or region for each day of the week
  • Specifying “do not contact” dates
  • Setting geographic limits by time zone and state/area/postal codes
  • Account penetration settings
  • Abandonment rate call pacing
  • Specifying campaign start and stop times

Ensure agent compliance

Verify that agents are following their scripts with:

  • Real-time recordings of up to 100% of calls
  • Integration with speech, text, and email analytics solutions
  • Monitor/coach/barge-in capability for supervisors

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