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Executive brief

Predictive routing in action

Utilizing AI to improve your customer experience

When KPIs define your success, you want to maximize every opportunity to drive business outcomes and exceed performance expectations. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning enable you to predict outcomes and engage the right customer with the right resources, in real time.

Predictive routing gives you the visibility and control to continuously improve your customer experience, productivity and people. Gain a more strategic view of your business to analyze trends and agent performance, and then retrain models with new data and validate the results. Read “Predictive routing in action” to gain greater insights into how predictive routing can help you achieve your business outcomes.

  1. Use AI to engage customers and predict the best resource to the best business outcome.
  2. Report on results, perform short-term trending and update the predictive model for retraining.
  3. Review data and model performance, use findings and optimize your strategy, and evaluate how well your resources drive desired business outcomes.