Future-proof your communications strategy

Your business needs to bring together all the ways people communicate, and all the people—co-workers, partners, vendors and customers—you communicate with. PureCloud Communicate combines traditional telephony functionality, voice services and auto-attendant tools with real-time collaboration features like video conference, screen share, dynamic team chat, corporate directory and document management—all in a single interface, built seamlessly from the ground up. Harness the speed, scalability and agility of the cloud, and apply it to your entire communications portfolio.

A part of the PureCloud portfolio, PureCloud Communicate can be used with the PureCloud contact center suite and a variety of voice services for a tightly integrated all-in-one solution, or it can be used standalone. The PureCloud communications suite is flexible and interoperable, to keep up with your business’ shifting needs.

With PureCloud Communicate you get:

PureCloud Communicate is helping us unite offices and employees into a single company—one that presents a friendly and helpful face to patients and customers.—Wendy Comer, Office Manager, Zevacor

Unite your workforce

Global offices, distributed teams, remote workers—today’s workforce is varied. But with PureCloud Communicate, employees are no longer bound by location or hardware.

  •  Break traditional telephony rules and reduce the cost of your private branch exchange (PBX) with the Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) softphone. Use your browser as a phone—simply plug in your headset and go.
  •  Quickly locate people in your organization using a searchable company directory.
  •  Create rules-based groups that automatically update, and can optionally sync with your Microsoft Exchange lists.
  •  Affordable international dialing via flexible voice services

Make the most of every conversation

Come together and share ideas—PureCloud makes it easy.

  •  Create rules-based chat rooms, or new rooms on the fly. Chat history is persistent and searchable, so you’ll never lose track of a conversation again.
  •  Click to video conference with an individual—or a group. Add a screen share to show off what you’re working on.
  •  Store files in a built-in document management system with granular permissions and a complete audit trail.

Traditional business phone

  •  Click-to-call direct inbound and outbound dialing
  •  Transition calls when you need to using consult or blind transfer, and conferencing
  •  A unified inbox for voicemails and faxes keeps incoming communication in one central place
  •  Call recording that’s automatically stored in PureCloud document management
  •  A range of configurable telephony rules including call forwarding,  group ring and hunt groups
  •  Inbound and outbound faxes

PureCloud Collaborate


  •  Directory
  •  Chat
  •  Person-to-person video calling
  •  Desktop sharing
  •  File sharing
  •  Mobile apps

PureCloud Communicate

Starting at $19.99 USD
With annual contract
Monthly subscription available

  •  Directory
  •  Chat
  •  Multi-user video calling (up to 5)
  •  Desktop sharing
  •  Storage* (calculated based on paid seats)
  •  File sharing
  •  Unified communications
  •  WebRTC Softphone
  •  Voicemail
  •  Audio conferencing
  •  Call recording
  •  Group ring, hunt groups
  •  Inbound and outbound faxing
  •  Unified inbox
  •  Mobile apps

Flexible voice services

Go totally cloud-based with the addition of PureCloud Voice—an Internet-based telephony service that can be activated to provide public telephony access to any PureCloud services. This means you can manage all your cloud communications services with a single vendor! Port over your existing numbers, or add new ones from a large inventory of PureCloud-provided telephone numbers. High-quality Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking eliminates the physical connection to a phone company, and all the associated hardware, wiring and headaches. You can also “bring your own carrier” to the PureCloud Platform, and leverage the speed and agility of cloud-based communications while using your preferred local carrier.

Integrated and intuitive call controls



Obsessively secure, Genesys maintains strong encryption and key industry certifications to safeguard your critical data in the cloud. PureCloud Communicate even plays well with your existing systems. Leverage a connected, powerful integrations ecosystem or use open APIs to build custom integrations for your unique needs.

Other great features from PureCloud Communicate

Auto attendant

You get custom speech-enabled interactive voice response (IVR) menus using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, without professional service or downtime. Your customers get 24/7 self-service.

Integrated external contacts

Import your corporate contact list in PureCloud, and access it throughout the app—whether searching to initiate a call, add to a conference, or transfer an existing call, the external contact is just a few keystrokes away.

Anytime, anywhere access

Native mobile apps let you access your communications and co-workers on the go. Keep your workforce united, equipped, and engaged—no matter where they are.

Single sign on

Full built-in authentication as well as integrations with industry-standard sign-on solutions for simplified access.

User status

Built-in geolocation, combined with activity indicators and user status, provide employees a holistic view of availability. Then it’s just one click to call, chat or launch a video.

Audit trail

Store and permission content in the integrated document management system, knowing a complete record of the actions taken on files is tracked.

Admin tools that are user-tested to meet real world needs

PureCloud is built for self-administration with configuration that’s straightforward and easy to use. Out-of-the-box integrations get your employees and their profile information into the application, and then bi-directionally sync information based on flexible rules that you choose.

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