A match made in the cloud.

The right combination of business collaboration and VoIP Phone system.

Your business doesn’t need a PBX replacement. You need business communication and collaboration software for engaging people, partners, vendors, and customers.

PureCloud Communicate combines traditional IP PBX functionality with features like video conferencing, screen sharing, dynamic team chat, rich employee profiles and document management.

It all works together in one user interface.

Make your employees “agents” of customer happiness.

Bad collaboration tools and poor employee communication leads to frustrated customers. You don’t have to be a contact center to care about good customer service. We think one customer going to voicemail is one too many. That’s why PureCloud Communicate is included in PureCloud.

Make your employees “agents” of customer happiness imagery

Don’t be bound by location or hardware imagery

Don’t be bound by location or hardware.

Your California team needs to dial into the London office conference phone to join a meeting. Japan and Sydney teams need to connect remote workers for training on video. You need to manage multiple phone numbers for office locations across the state and update IVR greetings and office hours for all your sales and service locations.

How do you pull all of this together?

Unite your workforce and save time while doing it imagery

Unite your workforce and save time while doing it.

PureCloud Communicate video conferencing, group chat rooms and conference calling gets everyone in the right channel and to the meeting. Flexible administration in PureCloud auto attendant designer-Architect, allows you to create custom IVR functionality that fits your business needs without professional service or downtime.

Free Cloud Phone and Support for Multiple Endpoints

Whether you use an IP phone, a mobile phone or a soft-phone, PureCloud supports a variety of options to best suit your needs. PureCloud Communicate and collaboration software even includes an industry leading browser-based WebRTC soft-phone.

Ditch your phone and plug in your headset.

Free Cloud Phone and Support for Multiple Endpoints imagery

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Does your office phone...

  • Know who’s a customer, vendor or colleague?
  • Care how many times someone has called?
  • Share a screen or attach a document?
  • Tell you who they work with and their position?

We built a better business phone that's really not a phone at all. Go cloud and leave your local phone provider behind.


PureCloud Voice is an Internet based telephony service that can be activated to provide public telephony access to any PureCloud services. This means that you can purchase all of your cloud communications services from a single vendor!


Port existing phone numbers to PureCloud, for FREE with zero downtime. Keep all your Toll Free Numbers and DID numbers.


Instantly search and find available numbers. Once you find what your looking for, select it in the PureCloud app. Start making and receiving calls in minutes.


Boost brand awareness. Create a custom vanity toll-free phone number for no additional charge.


Paying for PureCloud Voice is simple. Our straightforward per minute usage-based pricing has no limits, no minimum commitments and comes in a month-to-month contract that is easy to understand.

PureCloud Voice includes unlimited inbound and outbound domestic calling within the contiguous U.S. Find rates for the U.S. and extended regions such as Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.


PureCloud Voice offers affordable international rates so you can grow your businesses. Make calls to every country in the world with the same high quality as local calls.


911 calls automatically route to local emergency centers. Easy administration tutorials in PureCloud provide E911 protection helping you associate a valid USPS address with each phone number.


The PureCloud Voice PoP (Point of Presence) facility has been built with reliability and security as part of the DNA and co-located with other ISPs and Carriers. The N+N architecture ensures that there is no single point of failure so that service is never interrupted.

All connectivity between your phones (physical or virtual) and PureCloud Voice are fully encrypted with TLS and SRTP level encryption.

Read more about PureCloud Platform security.

The PureCloud Edge gives you flexibility to integrate telephony carriers or any third party PBX.

If the Internet goes down, you can still answer the phones with PureCloud Edge remote survivability and disaster recovery. Your auto-attendant, DID, extension dialing, voicemail, consult, transfer, fax, and local conferencing will still be up and running.

Geek out over all the PureCloud Edge telephony features by visiting the PureCloud resource center.

Integrate PureCloud with other phone systems for complete remote survivability.

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