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Make communication and collaboration easy for great customer experiences

The leader in cloud contact center software and the leader in enterprise video communications have joined forces.

It’s a pairing you can count on. The global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions. And the best in video-first business calling and meeting solutions.

Genesys® and Zoom have teamed to power your entire communications strategy and improve collaboration among agents and employees. The Genesys Cloud CXTM solution is the first contact center platform to integrate with Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone.

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Make customer support a team sport

Integrate Genesys Cloud CX with Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone for seamless collaboration.
Find the expert you want. Know they’re available. Connect with a single click.

Time to value

Collaborate in real time

Connect customer-facing agents and subject-matter experts when it matters most. Seamless voice and video facilitate real-time collaboration.


Boost team productivity

No more toggling between systems and screens. Enjoy a boost in productivity as agents and teams use the Genesys Cloud CX solution or Zoom from a single interface.


Improve customer experience

Genesys Cloud CX integration with Zoom boosts resolution rates and your customer experience.

Bring the expertise of your full team to your contact center

Building meaningful connections takes strong collaboration. Genesys Cloud CX integration with both the Zoom Phone and Zoom meetings solutions results in seamless cloud communications that simplify how employees collaborate with each other and communicate with customers.

Choose Zoom Phone

Now you can choose Zoom Phone as your carrier for inbound and outbound voice and your internal calls. It’s a convenient combination with the industry-leading Genesys Cloud CX routing and artificial intelligence capabilities — with a single point of control.

Click to call a colleague

For interactions that require collaboration, agents can quickly find an expert available to help, anywhere in your organization. With the unified directory, presence and click-to-call, Genesys Cloud CX users can connect directly with Zoom Phone users to solve problems faster.

Jump on a Zoom Meeting right from Genesys Cloud CX

Encourage easier collaboration between your contact center agents and experts across your company. Genesys Cloud CX with Zoom Meetings brings powerful Zoom communication tools to your employees’ fingertips, all from a single interface.

Share your screen and record your video meeting

Access your favorite Zoom Meeting features without leaving the Genesys Cloud CX solution. Agents can share their screen to give colleagues insight into a customer profile or history — or ask a teammate to share theirs. Access video meeting recordings and analytics later.

Learn more about the Genesys and Zoom alliance

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Seamless communication from Genesys and Zoom

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Genesys + Zoom webinar

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Get started with Genesys Cloud CX and Zoom

Keep your customers close. Keep your coworkers closer. With the Genesys Cloud CX and Zoom partnership, you easily break down barriers that stand in the way of true connection and collaboration.

Be among the first to boost your team’s productivity — and start solving customer problems faster. Get started with your Genesys Cloud CX, Zoom Phone and Zoom Meetings today.

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