Personalized insights for better outcomes with proactive AI

Bring the in-person experience to the digital world across the entire customer journey — from customer acquisition through post-sales service — in the languages needed to support a global business today.

Stop waiting and start engaging

Leverage customer-driven insights and analytics for better experiences

Companies today fall into the trap of either over engaging with their customers (spam) or making them wait (hold times) across channels. Proactive artificial intelligence (AI) is opening the door for companies to interact with prospects and existing customers in a much more personalized and intelligent way — ready around the clock with tailored content based on customer analytics and insights.

  • Proactive AI allows you to deliver the right content to the right customer when they need it.
  • Shift from generic offers and form fills to personalized and conversational engagement.
  • No more error messages or closed signs with proactive interactions.
Stop waiting and start engaging
Invest in the entire customer journey

Invest in the entire customer journey

Make every interaction more proactive and engaging

Single-purpose chatbots force companies to invest in multiple platforms and can lead to a disjointed customer journey and a poor experience. The Genesys DX™ solution delivers intelligent, proactive engagement from the first interaction all the way through customer service and support.

  • Conversational AI chatbots assist with customer acquisition, lead qualification and conversion.
  • Aggregate insights across the customer journey in a unified proactive approach.
  • Take a proactive approach to cross-sell, up-sell and add on with AI and chatbots.
  • Gain insights to optimize the customer journey.

Deliver more consistent experiences

Let your customers know you are ready to help across any channel

There are an ever-growing number of digital channels, leading to inconsistent and poorly managed experiences that leave customers disappointed and waiting for answers. Genesys DX supports proactive engagement across the digital channels used by customers today and can seamlessly incorporate new channels of the future.

  • Deliver proactive AI-powered experiences across chat, email, social, SMS and more.
  • Scale channels and customer volume without more complexity or long customer wait times.
  • Future-proof your engagement investment with cross-channel AI technology.
Deliver more consistent experiences
Think global, act local

Think global, act local

Engage your customers with proactive chatbots in their language

Supporting a global customer base can be a challenge, as customers are less likely to buy from a company that does not support them in their native language. Genesys DX enables both bots and agents to engage proactively across languages, boosting brand loyalty and allowing for more cost-effective support.

  • AI-powered chatbots are ready for global conversations.
  • Proactive experiences powered by natural language understanding that understands context and personalizes the engagement.
  • Invest in a solution that allows you to scale across languages.

See the future of digital engagement

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