Get the marketing insights that you need for better campaigns

Valuable insights mean valuable leads

To create targeted messaging and develop a sales pipeline, your marketing organisation needs access to accurate marketing insights. Get a customer experience platform that allows for multichannel messaging—one that can reach customers through text, email and voice. Get real-time, accurate insights and stay steps ahead of the competition, improve campaign performance and deliver better leads.

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Go from lead to customer faster

Visibility into customer journeys at every point in the sale cycle isn’t an option—it’s a necessity. You want to follow their journey from first contact to acquisition, to up-sell and win-back. Your marketing teams must develop campaigns that effectively message customers, build brand awareness and generate qualified opportunities. The right contact centre platform helps you to access customer data to better target campaigns that result in higher lead quality and increase conversion rates.

A contact center platform that provides visibility into the customer journey

Multichannel messaging that works for you

How you engage with customers during the sales cycle is critical to your campaign’s success. Increase your odds with a customer experience platform that allows for proactive engagement. Reach out to your customer the way that they want, whether they’re an email traditionalist or a social media master. Use the best communication option to engage, message and accelerate lead conversions.

Unlock higher quality leads

As a marketing professional, you need the best insights about customer buying behaviours. With the right customer experience platform, you can easily mine call recordings for important data to improve your overall engagement strategy. Utilising customer data and looking for unique insights enhances messaging and offers, and positively affects lead qualification and conversion metrics.

Unlock higher quality leads with the right customer experience platform

Get the leads to the right place faster

Developing leads is only the first stage of a campaign cycle. Determining how and where your leads are qualified and distributed is one of the most important aspects of a successful marketing campaign. You need the right lead-management tools to accurately assess, qualify and distribute leads to your sales team. Accelerating lead distribution increases the likelihood that the lead remains active and is directed to the best resource, taking it to the next level.