Quantify experience with customer journey analytics software

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Improve customer experience and business outcomes with omnichannel journey analytics

Measure, monitor and optimise customer experiences

Pinpoint friction points and quantify how each journey affects customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

Increase operational efficiency and cost savings

Identify what hinders customer experience and drives costs. Discover how to streamline journeys to lower customer effort and cost to serve.

Grow revenue and loyalty

Uncover what drives revenue and impacts churn. Offer up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to customers most likely to convert, maximising lifetime value and revenue.

Analyse your customer experience in real time

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Path discovery

Quickly discover the natural or most frequent path and turn it into a baseline journey. Use the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover dropouts, channel switches and loopbacks to find and improve experiences.

Intelligent alerts

Learn when any journey, behavior or experience meaningfully changes. Subscribe to existing alerts or customise your own based on simple thresholds or the platform’s sophisticated anomaly detection algorithms.

Root cause analysis

Pointillist AI uses a unique Gradient Boosted Trees implementation to rapidly analyse even the most complex omnichannel journeys. It uncovers ways to lower costs, improve operational efficiency, increase satisfaction, reduce churn and more.


Leading companies are reorganising around their customers. By using customer journey analytics, you can understand customer behaviors and shape their experiences. And you can empower every team across your organisation, including data scientists, analysts and business users. Make it easy to align on journeys and optimise each customer’s experience.

By measuring and monitoring real-world, cross-channel paths, you can improve CX and achieve positive business outcomes.

Deliver unmatched time to value with no-code analytics

Executives and business analysts can get answers in real time using the award-winning, drag-and-drop Pointillist analytics interface. Easily analyse omnichannel data and create custom reports, dashboards and alerts without code.

Prioritise CX initiatives and quantify ROI

Pointillist Customer Journey Analytics software helps determine which CX enhancements will deliver the greatest benefits to your customers and business. Quickly test improvements, compare alternative experiences and prioritise journeys by potential impact.

Quantify the ROI of experience improvements. The platform makes it easy to prioritise process changes and customer experience initiatives that improve satisfaction and your bottom line. Go beyond cost reduction or simply doing the right thing for your customer to build a powerful business case for change.

Monitor and detect changes in behavior, metrics and KPIs

Journey owners, product managers and executives use Pointillist dashboards to monitor and alert changes in customer behaviors that affect their business. Quickly and securely share individual insights and full dashboards within your team or across your enterprise.

Rest assured that Pointillist Intelligent Alerts will inform you when any journey, behavior or experience meaningfully changes. Alerts can be defined based on simple thresholds or built-in anomaly detection algorithms.

Pinpoint the root causes of CX challenges using AI

Leading organisations use Pointillist AI to find the root causes of poor experiences and uncover opportunities to improve CX. The transparent Pointillist approach to analytics lets you see exactly which interactions are driving (or blocking) successful outcomes.

Pointillist AI rapidly reveals friction points within journeys and enables you to determine not just what’s happening, but why. This way, analysts can quickly determine exactly which interactions are driving or preventing your customers from achieving a successful outcome.

Measure and predict journey success

Understand how customer behavior drives KPIs like revenue, profitability, churn and lifetime value. Quickly determine which in-journey metrics, such as conversion, Net Promoter Score, customer satisfaction, inaction and elapsed time best capture value and key moments that impact business outcomes.

Pointillist Customer Journey Analytics software makes it easy to visualise and measure complex omnichannel journeys and the signals that predict success. Pointillist Journey Scores are transparent and customisable, so you can monitor performance in real time, identify bottlenecks and quickly test potential improvements.

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