Call centre forecasting

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Accurate contact centre planning and forecasting in just minutes

Your contact centre’s success depends on accurate operational planning, scheduling and forecasting. Along with determining standard call volumes, an effective contact centre plan must include handle times, sick time, agent attrition, outbound contact rates and more. Yet, if planning is only a sporadic budget exercise, you could miss rapidly evolving internal or external changes that have a significant operational impact.

Transform your contact centre planning with Decisions, a vendor-agnostic, what-if analysis, staff- and budget-planning management system. At its core, Decisions is a series of algorithms that develop efficient operational plans and accurate forecasts in a fraction of the time of traditional contact centre planning. Ideal for executives and workforce planners, Decisions answers important questions around operations, service, customer experience and resourcing.

Contact center planning and forecasting
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Take the guesswork out of forecasting

Decisions can rapidly and accurately calculate business outcomes to facilitate forecasting. It predicts future performance and reveals the operational impact of various scenarios and assumptions. Make enlightened decisions and achieve optimal results with a streamlined strategic planning process.

Designed specifically for contact centres, Decisions helps you better plan and budget. By accurately predicting long-term operational performance—considering the true impact of contact volumes, attrition, service levels and other key factors—you can develop effective and efficient staffing and service plans. And, with the ability to continuously track plan variations, you can respond faster to change and drive a better customer experience.

Identify and fill knowledge gaps

Get accurate answers to operational questions, without spreadsheets. Decisions is a strategic planning solution that offers accuracy, speed and agility. Determine exactly how many agents you need week over week, and predict service levels, abandons, costs, revenues, customer experience scores and profits.


Optimise staffing to drive better customer experience

Based on advanced simulation and analysis capabilities, Decisions optimises your contact centre resources and performance. Ensure that you have the right number of agents in the right location at the right time to deliver the service your customers expect. Gain a competitive advantage with the ability to analyse weekly staffing requirements. And develop highly efficient just-in-time hiring, overtime allocation, vacation distribution and training plans.

Take the stress out of budgeting

Creating your annual budget is critical. Decisions provides you with clean, organised and readily available data so you can answer operational what-if questions quickly and plan your budget accordingly.

  • Accurately create staffing plans by channel type (calls, email, chats) or workgroup to optimise your staffing efficiencies using simulation models with near 100% accuracy.
  • Assess cost versus performance trade-offs with sophisticated what-if analysis to determine outcomes and risks associated with any staffing or interaction volume scenario or forecast.
  • Achieve the best balance between hiring, overtime and controllable shrinkage with prescriptive analysis using integer-programming techniques that create just-in-time hiring plans.