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Deliver a personalised, seamless customer experience with every voice interaction

Despite the growing adoption of self-service, voice has become the go-to channel for escalated interactions. So, it’s important to get it right. This means matching each caller with the best representative across any location or infrastructure and providing the differentiated omnichannel experience that customers expect.

Maximise the value of every phone interaction and deliver a loyalty-building customer experience with Genesys Inbound for the Genesys Engage platform. Unify voice and digital with a single omnichannel platform and improve service while virtualising operations across your enterprise.

Personalized, seamless customer experience

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Modernise legacy infrastructure and accelerate customer experience innovation

As the number of digital channels continues to increase, it’s critical that calls and digital channels are handled on the same platform to avoid disconnected customer journeys. Solve this challenge by transitioning from an ageing PBX and ACD infrastructure to a SIP-based solution.

Address your business needs while removing dependency on outdated technology. Genesys Inbound enables you to:

  • Create multi-modal customer conversations
  • Virtualise operations across the enterprise
  • Unify voice and digital with one omnichannel platform
  • Simplify management, configuration and administration with a single interface
  • Evolve from your proprietary PBX/ACD infrastructure at your own pace

Differentiate your customer experience

Improve customer loyalty with every voice interaction by personalising each contact according to omnichannel history and customer context. Use defined business priorities to segment and prioritise interactions based on criteria, such as business value, desired service level, required resources and current contact centre traffic conditions. Meet service levels for phone interactions without creating complex routing strategies or adding resources.

Gain the measurable benefits of applying personalised routing treatment to voice interactions:

  • Reduce transfers and lower average handle time
  • Increase revenue by improving business outcome resolution
  • Boost first contact resolution and sales
  • Enhance customer retention through personalised interaction

Blueprint for success:

Design the perfect cloud contact centre solution with our CX blueprint tool.

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Route calls seamlessly across your virtual contact centre

Success hinges on maintaining flexible and agile operations, even if you have a distributed workforce. Create a unified, virtual contact centre across geographically dispersed teams with Genesys Inbound. Optimise all available resources and balance workloads across multiple sites.

  • Increase resource efficiency
  • Reduce workforce expenses
  • Increase flexibility
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Gain deeper insights into every voice interaction

Having greater visibility into your workforce enables you to better align agent skills to necessary tasks, facilitate accurate long-term planning and scheduling, and meet business objectives. You have the power and knowledge to adapt—in real time—to changing contact centre conditions and resource availability.

With Genesys, you have real-time monitoring of key voice interaction data, including the number of interactions in a queue, average wait times, SLA adherence and staff activities. Comprehensive information analysis with intelligent, business-oriented historical reporting tracks all necessary data related to contact centre activity—from records for each interaction to high-level summary reports.