Build personal, real-time connections with web messaging

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Engage and convert prospects with web messaging

Say goodbye to lost conversations

Give online customers in-the-moment support 24/7. Use live chat to answer questions and provide product information at the right moment.

Hear customer concerns the first time

Seamlessly transition from a self-service chatbot to a live agent while retaining full context and visibility for streamlined customer experiences.

Give your agents one tool to do it all

Keep customer service agents focused with a unified desktop. Enable them to share URLs, documents or even escalate to a phone call with just one click.

Make your agents your customers’ heroes

Proactive messaging

Chat with website visitors at the right moment based on contextual business rules. Factor in things like visitor activity, customer profiles and agent availability. Give customers the easy, omnichannel support they crave.

Asynchronous conversations

Engage customers 24/7 with persistent messaging conversations. Let them reconnect whenever they want without repeating themselves, resuming an ongoing conversation with your brand.

AI-powered bots

Automate routine or simple tasks with native or third-party bots to relieve agent stress. Get customers answers faster — or route them to an agent — with easy-to-customise automated conversation flows.

Easy setup and customisation

Activating web messaging is easy. Configure and deploy the new messenger in minutes. Make future updates without relying on your IT department.

Rich messaging experience

Use images for better context and quick replies for faster resolutions. In-app previews, file validation, emojis and animated gifs create smoother customer and agent experiences.

Omnichannel agent interface

Provide contextual and unified experiences across all messaging channels. Meet your customers where they are, including apps like WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook Messenger.

Web messaging makes for happier customers and employees

People come to your website with a goal in mind, but sometimes they need help finishing the task. Studies show that web chat has the highest satisfaction level compared to other channels. And web messaging increases the odds of turning prospects into loyal customers.

Employees see value — and embrace it, too. They can easily deploy and customise the messenger on any website with limited IT involvement. And you’ll see improved efficiency and optimised staffing as agents handle multiple asynchronous conversations that become better distributed over time.

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Genesys Recognised by Gartner® as a Leader in the August
2021 Magic Quadrant™️ for Contact Centre as a Service

Connect with customers on a channel they love — day or night

Customers expect in-the-moment answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. Use chatbots to proactively reach out at critical moments and help them get what they want. Or, allow customers to start or continue a conversation at any time — even when live agents aren’t online.

Make messaging part of the larger conversation

Offering more channels means managing more complexity. To do it right, choose a solution where web messaging is part of an all-in-one, omnichannel application and open platform — not a standalone solution. That means there’s one agent desktop and one agent schedule across all channels. There’s a single source for data and reporting — and one administration for customisation, business flow logic and third-party integrations.

Engage customers with confidence

Trigger conversations at the right moment based on business rules, such as customer behaviour, agent availability, and customer profile or segmentation. With Genesys, agents see your website visitors’ profiles and conversation history, all in a single view with no need to open different tabs.

Pause and pick up conversations

Giving customers the ability to pause and resume conversations makes interacting with your brand more convenient. Create happier, more satisfied customers by making those conversations persistent, no matter what device or channel they use. Deliver informed, in-the-moment customer support no matter the hour.

Secure business and customer data over chat

Handle sensitive information via live chat without hesitation. Genesys uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure and support conversations. Personally identifiable information can be detected and masked in real time so transcripts don’t contain sensitive information.

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