Empower agents in real time with AI-powered Agent Copilot

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Empower agents to spend more time building meaningful connections

Make it easy to find answers

Automatically find and surface knowledge articles and other information for agents based on their current customer interaction, reducing the time agents have to spend on manually hunting for the data and knowledge they need.

Automate manual tasks

Manually crafting notes that capture the total history of each interaction is time-consuming and distracting. Automatic summarisation boosts agent productivity and standardises wrap-up processes so agents can focus on more complex tasks.

Recommend action based on context

Agents are experts at helping customers in need, but even experts need support. Agent Copilot uses intelligent automation to provide next best action recommendations for agents, surfaces the correct workflow materials and more — all in real time.

Real-time support for agents — delivered automatically

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Genesys AI automates information and processes for agents and reduces manual efforts directly in their desktop.

Real-time knowledge automation

Agent Copilot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help reduce frustrating, tedious manual searches by following along with all customer interactions and presenting critical relevant knowledge to agents at the moment of need.

Next best action guidance

Agents balance many tasks at the same time. Copilot supports them by providing custom scripting, surfacing the right tool or form in the moment, and suggesting what action the agent should take next as conversations progress.

Auto-summarisation using generative AI

Interaction summaries are time-consuming, and the results can be inconsistent. Genesys Agent Copilot creates these reports automatically, never forgets what happened during an interaction and allows for personalisation by the agent.

Embedded knowledge

All the information your agents need, all in one place. The native agent assist tool, Agent Copilot, includes Genesys Knowledge, an intuitive workbench that uses AI to create, structure, analyse and optimise your knowledge base.

Wrap-up code prediction

Free agents from repetitive post-interaction tasks with AI-assisted automation, such as automatic summarisation built using generative AI. With AI, agent assist becomes a true AI Agent Copilot, and agents can focus on complex tasks, not taking notes.

Agent feedback

Agents are a valuable source of customer information for any brand — after all, they speak directly to the customer. Copilot allows them to provide quick or detailed feedback on AI-assisted suggestions to optimise performance.

Position your contact centre agents to succeed

Agents have to balance many tasks at the same time. They find information, initiate business processes, answer questions, keep notes and more, all while providing empathetic, personalised service.

When customer support agents have to go it alone, the experience suffers for everyone. Customers might get bad information, or an issue could go unresolved. And poor experiences for customers and employees make it difficult for a business to retain either.

Providing agents with timely support unleashes your employees’ superpowers. No more rushed learning, mix-and-match knowledge or guesswork. That leads to increased customer satisfaction with every incident, and can help businesses retain valuable repeat buyers.

Start-to-finish agent support in a single solution

Agent Copilot gives voice and digital agents all the help they need in one place. From knowledge and next best action support during a live customer interaction to managing summaries and data gathering, here’s what sets Agent Copilot apart.

Deliver actionable advice and AI-enabled assistance in one solution

Many agent assist solutions deliver advice. Genesys Agent Copilot goes farther, providing contextual suggestions and concrete actions agents should take during each customer conversation. Robotic process automation technologies also reduce the manual effort required for routine tasks, such as interaction summaries and notes. And that increases agent efficiency.

Make knowledge and analytics more accessible

Agent Copilot includes Genesys Knowledge, which it surfaces automatically at the time of need. Genesys Knowledge is an intuitive workbench that ensures a single source of customer experience truth. Agents can create articles, enhance interactions with rich media and enable automatic search. This includes analytics to help identify and bridge knowledge gaps.

Optimise the experience with better insights

Agent Copilot uses AI to automate repetitive manual tasks to create meaningful interaction histories. When captured consistently, these histories are a valuable source of customer insight for the business, new agents and any repeat interactions. The more you know about your customers and how they interact with your business, the better you can serve them.

Support omnichannel interactions immediately

Work across all customer support channels seamlessly. Agent Copilot integrates with digital and voice conversations from day one. Capabilities like automatic knowledge, next best action support and automatic summarisation come standard. And the overall agent experience is tailored to the channel, making it easy to use.

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Uncover the right information when you need it. Build stronger connections with your customers. With tools like Genesys Agent Copilot, your contact centre agents can be super agents, too. See what agent automation assistance can do today.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of agents?

In a customer service context, different types of agents include inbound agents (who handle incoming customer calls), outbound agents (who make calls to customers), sales agents, support agents and live chat agents, sometimes called digital agents. There are also automated agents, like chatbots or IVR systems.

Outside the contact centre, an agent is anyone who works directly with customers. Loan officers, insurance brokers, patient advocates and other front-office employees are examples of agents and have the same needs for information and automation.

What is an example of a virtual agent?

Virtual agents use artificial intelligence to understand and respond to user queries. Virtual agents often use AI to enable conversations using natural language processing (NLP). They can also perform tasks through robotic process automation (RPA).

Siri by Apple, Alexa by Amazon and Google Assistant are examples of virtual agents for search. Chatbots, voicebots and IVR are also virtual agents.

What is an AI agent copilot?

AI agent copilot, sometimes called agent assist, refers to AI technologies that support human agents in handling customer interactions. These automated systems can suggest responses, provide relevant information in real time, automate routine tasks, and help agents resolve customer queries more effectively and efficiently. AI agent assist may be referred to as “agent copilot” to denote the synergistic relationship between the virtual and human agents.

What kind of AI does agent copilot use?

Agent copilot uses multiple forms of AI. Conversational AI and generative AI work with the conversation through transcription, insight extraction, summarisation and more. Semantic search enables intent-based information retrieval. In addition, predictive AI is used to determine likely outcomes and can suggest or automate the next best action.