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MIT Technology Review

Getting to Iconic: How world-leading brands balance talent and technology for CX excellence

Successfully implementing and managing a comprehensive suite of customer experience technologies is essential for global businesses seeking to sustain high levels of customer experience and brand value. However, knowing how to temper the instinct to throw technology solutions at efficiency problems is what distinguishes global customer experience leaders from the rest. New technologies must be balanced with appropriate investment in human resources.

This is the central finding of a global survey of over 550 senior executives conducted by MIT Technology Review to examine the pressures that shape their customer experience processes and the tools and strategies they employ to mitigate those challenges and continuously improve customer engagement.

Read the report to get a detailed look at:

  • The strategies that differentiates an Iconic firm from other businesses
  • How strategies vary across regions based on maturity and customer expectations
  • Future innovation management and technology adoption
  • What it takes to stay Iconic using talent and technology
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