Gamify performance management for employee success

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Enable your employees to surpass performance goals

Boost performance from Day One

Manage agent performance with embedded learning tools that give managers real-time insights even during the onboarding of new hires. You’ll save time and build employee confidence.

Empower employees to attain their goals

Motivate employees with gamification. Real-time insights encourage users to manage their KPIs as the gamification tool inspires them to focus on achieving performance goals.

Upskill with two-way communication

Enable and simplify targeted coaching sessions between a facilitator and employees. Help agents achieve business goals by improving their performance and collaboration, and upskilling for a stronger team.

Drive performance with the one tool that motivates employees

Personalised development hub

Do more than just show performance. Put your employees in control. A single view lets employees manage performance and access assigned learning content and coaching sessions — all while staying on top of their work.

Intuitive performance dashboards

Employees want to know they’re making a difference. Intuitive dashboards show how they’re part of bigger business goals. Correlate business performance with specific employee skills, knowledge and behaviors.

Embedded learning and training

Provide the educational resources your agents need to succeed. Build learning modules to train or inform your employees, and assign assessment modules to better evaluate agent knowledge and skill levels.

Effective coaching at the right moment

Train your agents with the right knowledge at the right time. Empower supervisors to perform reviews and agent training at non-peak hours. This lets them focus on employee development without disrupting business drivers.

Gamified performance leaderboards

Gamify your KPIs with shared leaderboards. Agents can earn points and recognition, driving their development and encouraging collaboration on team goals. And real-time performance indicators help managers foster more team engagement.

Supervisor performance insights

Gain a near real-time overview of team trends or explore a single employee’s journey. Visual insights provide not just today’s data but also a retrospective look at past months, allowing supervisors to engage with consistently updated information.



of CX leaders say increasing costs due to employee turnover is challenging or extremely challenging

“The State of Customer Experience,” Genesys, 2023

Drive success with employee performance management

Contact centres rely on employee performance for every aspect of their success. And to ensure that teams are aligned with business objectives and company goals, managers need a real-time view into individual employee and team performance so they can support continual improvement — beginning with onboarding.

Workforce engagement tools do this by identifying what your best agents are doing right and where there’s room for upskilling. Implementing the right performance management program makes it easier for managers to provide individualised coaching and targeted team training. Gamification gives agents powerful tools that support collaboration, achievement and recognition — transforming their day-to-day experiences and building confidence as they attain their goals.

Rethink how you manage employee performance and KPIs to empower them – no matter where they’re located. Better informed managers and more engaged agents translate into greater operational efficiency, empathetic customer care and higher customer satisfaction.

Take employee performance to new heights

Employee performance management tools let you pinpoint why agents succeed. Discover the skills, knowledge and behaviors of your top performers. Create effective learning and development plans to help employees surpass performance goals. Save time and money by focusing training on the specific performance improvements that will have the biggest impact.

Modernise performance management with embedded gamification

Manage employee development with a complete set of embedded tools for learning, training, performance management, gamification and coaching. Gamified performance scorecards and leaderboards consolidate key metrics in real time, giving managers and employees actionable insights. With native gamification built into your platform, it’s easy to continually improve performance.

Educate agents with integrated learning and training

Create tailored development journeys that enhance employee performance and skill levels while strategically guiding them to surpass performance objectives. A personalised employee dashboard gives agents one-click access to everything they need to understand and improve their performance and develop in their career.

Create a work culture of continuous improvement

Gamified performance is accessible through the agent’s personalised activity view. This gives agents access to everything they need to meet and surpass performance objectives — all in a single click. With a consolidated hub for performance, learning and training, agents have crucial insights and resources to help them reach their goals.

Create better employee experiences

Empower employees across job roles with integrated, automated workflows and transparency regarding KPI performance for improved collaboration and efficiency. Gamified performance metrics also provide actionable, real-time performance insights so supervisors can evaluate and strengthen employee development strategies. Comprehensive, built-in training tools let you create streamlined, targeted training sessions between agents and facilitators.

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Get employee performance management in the best solution for you

Genesys Cloud

Manage agent performance with an all-in-one solution

The Genesys Cloud™ platform brings your customer experience and employee engagement technologies together. Monitor and manage individual agent performances and enhance collaboration between teams. Provide ongoing training opportunities with ease. Empower your agents to deliver exceptional customer support by equipping them with all the tools and data they need in a single user interface.

Genesys Cloud EX

Enhance experiences across your channels of choice

With the Genesys Cloud EX™ solution, you can supercharge employee experiences using your current Contact Center as a Service or channels of choice. Our employee engagement tools enable you to monitor and manage agent performance, enhance team collaboration, and offer ongoing training. With all the tools and data needed in a single user interface, agents can deliver exceptional customer support.

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Keep your employees engaged and motivated

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Frequently asked call centre questions

What should your performance management process include?

Twenty-six percent of customers have lost their temper during a customer service interaction. The right tools will give you the flexibility needed for the performance management to help eliminate these uncomfortable situations.

These include call interaction recording, quality monitoring, gamification and coaching. As you put your process in place, employees must be clear on what you’re measuring and why, and be confident they have the tools to succeed. Set out clear expectations with metrics, cultivate their successes with praise and recognition — and hold them accountable through proactive engagement.

How do you keep virtual employees engaged?

Engage virtual employees with frequent, regularly scheduled team meetings and one-on-one meetings. Setting a regular time and sticking to it shows you value your human resources and your mutual engagement. The most effective one-on-one meetings are geared to help the person develop and improve.

Use the time to share goals, details on what you want them to achieve and deadlines for meeting these goals. It’s a good time to see what the employee is interested in, such as taking on more responsibility in a particular area, so that you’re aware and can follow up with any appropriate opportunities. Perhaps most importantly, building trust requires sincerity, commitment and a genuine interest in the welfare of your employees. Model openness and transparency and you’ll get the same in return.

How do you keep call centre agents motivated?

Start with fair pay at current market rates. The labor market has tightened, giving call centre agents more employment options, often with higher pay. Fair pay not only motivates, it reduces attrition.

On a personal level, take time to acknowledge the job they do and how they contribute to your success. Do this publicly in team meetings and privately, especially during performance reviews. And don’t forget the “fun factor.” Build gamification into your processes and get their input on what they like about it. When you listen to their input — about customers and their job preferences — it’s a sign of respect. They’ll know they’re being heard and appreciated.

How does performance management encourage employee development?

By facilitating ongoing and open communication, performance management plays a major role in employee development. When you identify goals and set achievable expectations, your team members can respond — and stay aligned with key business objectives. But those individual goals should also include a longer-term path for their development. Once an employee achieves a goal, they need to understand they’re now ready to move on to the next level, and what that requires.

Using performance management software equips them to continue their development by taking the best next steps. And because managers also nurture development through a mix of coaching, guidance and counseling, effective performance management tools are essential for complete transparency. Finally, be sure you’re measuring outcomes in a way that maps to employee development. They need to know processes and goals but also specific areas for improvement as milestones for development.

How can a manager improve employee performance?

Take the time needed to get to know employees and stay engaged with them. Employees want to be successful, so be sure to provide recognition when they do succeed. Be sure to assist them in reaching their short- and long-term goals. This can be done via ongoing coaching by the manager or other successful team members.

For example, if an employee misses average handle time (AHT) goals, arrange for them to shadow the agent who has the best call control or AHT on the team. Don’t wait to deliver feedback at annual reviews. As much as possible, provide real-time feedback and focus on how the feedback serves overall goals rather than one bad day of non-adherence. After all, some goals are meant to be measured over a longer period of time; one day shouldn’t be the focus of performance improvement.