Intelligent voice assistants improve marketing, sales and customer service

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Let AI-powered voicebots pick up the phone

Don’t put your customers on hold

Make your contact centre more accessible with automated virtual agents that are available 24 hours a day. Intelligent voicebots can answer calls with zero delay.

Make the virtual more personal

With access to relevant data, voicebots recognise customers, understand history and preferences, and use artificial intelligence (AI) to personalise interactions.

Transfer to live agents with ease

Bots and humans work best when they work together. Voicebots pass customers — and relevant information — to agents, when needed, for seamless experiences.

Personalise the conversation

Support omnichannel journeys with conversational voicebots

Facilitate smoother digital conversations with natural language processing (NLP). Unify the customer journey across voice and digital channels.

Give customers the right level of service

Blend voicebots with the power of agents to ensure your customers always get the right level of service at the right time.

Leverage native or third-party bots

Avoid vendor lock-in and maximise your existing investment. Blend AI from other vendors with the open Genesys AI platform.

Easy implementation

Enable customers to self-serve via their preferred voice and chat channels. Build and customise chatbots and voicebots easily within one interface.

Natural language understanding

Automate interactions with natural language understanding (NLU). Intent Miner uses NLU to grasp customer intent and help create smarter bots.

Intuitive visual flow builder

Create smart voicebots using an intuitive drag-and-drop flow builder that comes equipped with built-in dialog management and NLU features.

Genesys voicebots make customer interactions easier

Put voicebots to work in your call centre. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered digital assistants engage with your customers using natural language. Customers can self-select through common questions and issues. If something is too complex or needs a human touch, it’s passed to a live agent. The agent receives all context and details gained in the automated chat.

Voicebots also open up revenue growth opportunities through cross-selling and up-selling. They can make personalised recommendations based on customer history and preferences. Plus, the speed, accuracy and 24-hour availability of voicebots directly affects customer experience.

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Experience Success. Together.

Genesys Recognised by Gartner® as a Leader in the August
2021 Magic Quadrant™️ for Contact Centre as a Service

Voice assistants + human agents = seamless conversations

Move beyond IVR. Conversational voicebots understand natural speech to figure out what a customer needs. And when tougher questions need human help to resolve, voicebots can hand off calls to agents without customers having to repeat themselves. The result is smooth, fluid customer conversations over digital voice channels.

Orchestrate and integrate

Personalise voicebot interactions at scale with easy access to customer and interaction insights using Genesys AI. Bots understand customers, their journeys and the context of the interactions. This enables bots to provide useful information or expedite transactions, giving customers quick results and allowing agents to focus on more complex tasks.

Build once, deploy anywhere

Built into Genesys Cloud CX™, bots are natively integrated with the full breadth of Genesys AI platform capabilities, such as web messaging and predictive engagement. Create smart conversation flows across channels using interaction data, customer history and data from third-party transactional systems. One well-built bot can do it all.

Intent Miner reveals what customers want

Intent Miner, an integrated feature of Genesys Cloud CX, helps bot builders stop wasting time guessing at customer intentions. It uses AI to automatically surface intents from actual customer conversations, providing insights that bot authors can apply to improve native or third-party bots. The result is more accurate bots, deployed faster.

Let virtual agents connect first

Virtual agents equipped with high-quality voices — and advanced NLU — can be your call centre’s first line of defense, fielding common queries and requests. When more complex help is needed, virtual agents know when to seamlessly pass the call to a live agent.

Get natural-language voicebots in a solution that works for you

Deliver high-quality support at scale with automated conversations

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