Intelligent voice assistants enhance customer service

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Let AI-powered voicebots automate speech conversations

Connect with customers immediately

Don’t put your customers on hold. Make your contact centre more accessible with intelligent voicebots that recognise human speech, respond in kind and are available 24 hours a day.

Make the virtual more personal

Create personalised, voice assistant-driven interactions that easily access and leverage customer and interaction data, and artificial intelligence (AI) across every conversation.

Transfer to live agents with ease

Bots and humans work best when they work together. Voicebots can escalate or transition calls — and relevant information — to agents, when needed, for seamless experiences.

Voice assistants keep the conversation flowing


Intent miner

Create voicebots based on actual conversations, ensuring they will understand your customers’ intent and their unique needs.

Customer-focused service

Blend voicebots with the power of agents to ensure your customers always get the right level of service at the right time.

Native or third-party bots

Avoid vendor lock-in and maximise your existing investment. Blend AI from other vendors with the open Genesys Cloud™ platform.

Easy implementation

Enable customers to self-serve via their preferred communication channels. Build and customise chatbots and voicebots within a common foundation.

Natural language understanding

Automate interactions by using natural language understanding (NLU), which comprehends customer intent to quickly field common questions.

Intuitive visual flow builder

Create smart voicebots using an intuitive drag-and-drop flow builder that comes equipped with built-in dialog management and NLU features.

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of consumers say receiving the services they need at any time in their preferred channel of choice is the type of personalisation that is most valuable in customer service interactions

“The State of Customer Experience,” Genesys, 2023

Genesys voice assistants make customer interactions easier

Put voicebots to work in your call centre. AI-powered virtual assistants converse with your customers using natural language and voice recognition. Customers can self-serve through common questions and issues. If something is too complex or needs a human touch, the customer is passed to a live agent with all necessary context and details.

Voicebots also create revenue growth opportunities through cross-selling and up-selling. They can make personalised recommendations based on customer history and preferences. Plus, the speed, accuracy and 24-hour availability of voicebots directly improves customer experience.

Voice assistants and human agents create seamless conversations

Move beyond IVR. Conversational voice assistants understand natural speech to figure out what a customer needs. And when tougher questions need human help to resolve, voicebots can hand off calls to agents without customers having to repeat themselves. The result is smooth, fluid customer conversations over digital voice channels.

Orchestrate and integrate

Personalise voice assistant-led interactions at scale with easy access to a wealth of customer and interaction insights using Genesys AI. Bots understand customers, their journeys and the context of the interactions. This enables bots to provide useful information or expedite transactions, giving customers quick results and allowing agents to focus on more complex tasks.

Optimise for voice

Create a more effective voicebot experience. Add voice channel nuances that are built using the same conversational AI foundation as chatbots. Leverage voice calls to automatically build intent models with intent miner and create and use custom voice prompts. Plus, use specialised voice controls like barge-in and voice-based escalations to reduce customer frustration and increase adoption.

Implement with ease

Created for business users, a simple drag-and-drop interface has all the controls that bot authors need to create personalised, effective voicebots or chatbots. Create a conversation flow using interaction data, customer data and data from third-party transactional systems. NLU is built in to make digital conversations natural and productive.

Let virtual agents connect first

Virtual agents equipped with high-quality voices — and advanced NLU — can be your call centre’s first line of support, fielding common queries and requests. When more complex help is needed, virtual agents know when to seamlessly pass the call to a live agent.

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Frequently asked questions

How do voicebots work?

Voicebots, also known as voice assistants or voice-enabled AI, work by processing spoken language input from users. They use technologies like automatic speech recognition to transcribe speech into text and natural language processing to understand the intent of the text, and then use AI to generate a response. The response is then converted back into speech using text-to-speech technology.

Are voicebots secure?

The safety of voicebots depends on their design and implementation. Reputable voicebot developers take measures to protect user privacy and data security. This can include encrypting data, anonymising voice recordings and allowing users to manage their data. However, like all technologies, voice assistants aren’t immune to risks, so it’s important to use them wisely and understand the provider’s data handling policies.

How are industries using voicebots?

Industries are using voicebots in various ways. In retail, they’re used for customer service and shopping assistance. In healthcare, they’re used for appointment scheduling, medication reminders and providing health information. In hospitality, they’re used for booking services and providing related information. They’re also used in banking for account management and transactional tasks, and in many other sectors for diverse applications.

What’s the difference between a voicebot and IVR?

While both voicebots and interactive voice response (IVR) systems interact with users through voice, they do so in different ways. IVR systems work through pre-recorded messages and touch-tone or simple voice inputs, offering a limited set of responses based on a pre-programmed menu. Voice assistants, on the other hand, use advanced AI to understand natural language, enabling more complex interactions and a wider range of responses.

What are the benefits of using a voicebot?

Voicebots offer several benefits. They can handle customer inquiries 24/7, providing instant responses and freeing up human agents for more complex tasks. They can improve customer experiences by offering convenient, hands-free and personalised interactions. They can also handle a wide range of tasks, from answering questions to performing actions like booking appointments or controlling smart devices.