Create better experiences with predictive routing

Provide leading customer service with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered predictive routing.

Customer care

Combine the power of automated routing and real-time data

When a customer calls your business, they expect timely, efficient support. Getting them the right resource at the right time is key to realising business results. Automated routing guides customers to the right resource based on their real-time needs.

Unify interaction data across channels to create customer profiles and inform business rules. Assign every interaction to a universal queue based on those unique rules. Improve customer service while achieving desired outcomes for your business.

Amp up contact centre routing with AI


Increase personalisation across channels

Automated routing uses data to deliver targeted support. Make informed decisions based on a customer’s expressed, inferred and in-the-moment preferences.

Deliver omnichannel customer journeys

Enhance customer and employee experiences

Reduce call handling times and unnecessary frustrations. Route every customer interaction to the right resource or employee to streamline the journey.

Automated routing

Improve routing processes

Predictive routing gets smarter with each completed interaction. Gather data and use it to drive your unique business goals and success.

Get customers where they need to go using real-time data

Customers want quick, accurate support from your call centre. Automated routing from Genesys uses CRM system data and data from your contact centre solution to make it happen. See what your data says about customer desires. And set business rules to create more seamless customer experiences.

With AI and machine learning capabilities, users connect with the most appropriate agent, the first time. Predictive routing leverages your data to help you meet your KPIs.

Outbound call center

Upgrade your routing engine

Omnichannel routing is foundational to delivering seamless, consistent, personalised engagement. Build your engagement on a Genesys intelligent routing engine and benefit from over 25 years of continuous development.

Time to value

Step up your efficiency

Reduce the need for technical coding with easy-to-use business rules. Then use those rules to route calls intelligently. Eliminate real-time queue monitoring and agent reskilling by letting the data drive decisions. And ensure that agents and resources are available to support each unique opportunity.

Caution, emergency

Prioritise critical tasks

Predictive routing leverages data and context to connect customers with support. A universal queue of interactions across channels lets teams work on the most critical tasks at the most critical time.


Support sales outcomes

Good customer service builds trust. Predictive routing supports service levels by forecasting outcomes using modelling and machine learning. This means that each interaction can improve the process of matching customers to representatives.

"With Genesys Predictive Routing, we went from queue-based routing to strength-based routing around a specific KPI and customer type, all in a fraction of a second."

Marcel Hischier

Product Manager Customer Interactions


Harness the power of data to improve routing processes

Increase conversions with multichannel campaigns

Omnichannel communication

Let customers shift from digital channels to human voice interactions to back-office fulfilment. Maintain context across channels. As the interaction progresses, agents maintain all historical information – leading to faster resolution.

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Customer profiles

Predictive routing gets smarter over time. Every action or inaction that a customer makes adds to the picture of who they are. When it has a full customer picture, automated routing delivers targeted, personalised experiences.


Agent profiles

Each customer interaction is an opportunity to identify agent skills and talents. Agent profiles then inform predictive routing decisions. Route tasks based on skills to lower average call handle times and improve employee and customer experiences.

Predictive analytics

Comprehensive reporting

See how automated routing learns and adapts. Then use those insights to inform your customer strategy and achieve specific business outcomes. View the information by group, skill or individual level. And identify skill gaps, pinpoint training opportunities and improve agent performance.

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Improve customer strategy with predictive routing

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Succeed with a single source for contact centre infrastructure and workforce engagement management

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Predictive routing in action

Free yourself from the limitations of queue-based routing

Your customers deserve great service. Predictive routing connects customers with the right agent or resource — the first time. Streamline your customer journey to create happier, more satisfied customers. Request a demo to see how automated routing in your cloud contact centre software supports business goals.

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