Connect customers to the best agent with predictive routing

Ensure every customer interaction is routed to the best available agent, creating better experiences and optimising contact centre KPIs.

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Route interactions in real time with AI

When a customer contacts your business, they expect efficient, timely support. Connecting them to the right agent is the key to delivering the best customer experiences.
Using the power of artificial intelligence (AI), predictive routing continuously analyses real-time data to predict outcomes. Match customers to the best agent while optimising for important contact centre KPIs, such as average handle time (AHT) and transfer rate.

Personalise experiences at scale with AI-powered automated routing

Match customers to the right agents

Route interactions to the agents most likely to resolve customers’ questions. Seamlessly deliver better customer experiences, driving satisfaction, brand loyalty and lifetime value.

Optimise for key performance metrics

Truly understand your customers with AI. Optimise your routing processes based on historical and real-time information to meet your chosen KPIs.

Detect patterns and predict outcomes

Your customers’ needs and preferences are constantly changing. AI-powered predictive routing continuously adapts to make accurate matches in the moment.

Exceed customer expectations with intelligent call routing

Modern call centres must handle large call volumes, evolving customer expectations and shifting business demands in real time. With the power of AI, you can efficiently analyse hundreds of data points to predict the best agent for each interaction and optimise for desired business outcomes. Predictive routing removes manual rule maintenance — and empowers administrators to optimise for your chosen KPIs.

Optimise for business metrics that matter

Your business is unique and your goals are, too. Route calls based on logic that will achieve your key contact centre metrics, including AHT and transfer rate. Go beyond queue and skills-based routing with predictive routing that learns over time, continuously adapting to changing data trends to meet real-time demand and circumstances.

Automate your AI lifecycles

Genesys delivers a fully automated AI lifecycle. With predictive routing, you can identify queue potential, deliver caller and agent matching logic, automate outcome prediction, and discover patterns. Give your admins AI-enabled tools that can be optimised based on the latest interaction data.

Take control of your routing processes

Delivering the best routing solution shouldn’t require a lot of IT help. And managing routing rules shouldn’t demand manual analysis or maintenance. Predictive routing makes it easy for contact centre managers to test and implement routing logic. Optimise your routing decisions for specific KPIs using AI-powered logic, without ever needing to dive deep into data.

Personalise customer experiences at scale

Take advantage of an integrated ecosystem of tools and solutions. Give your agents the context they need to deliver a truly seamless customer journey. Remove data silos that negatively impact your customer experience. Use Genesys AI to gain insights across your organisation and apply these insights in real time. Personalise every interaction, no matter your data volume, with the power of AI.

Harness the power of AI to improve routing processes

One data repository

Get all your data in one place. Combine the latest agent, caller and interaction data automatically and use AI to scale and extract insights.

Intelligent routing models

Use AI to analyse data gathered across interactions to discover patterns. Identify the best agent based on these actionable insights and route interactions with confidence.

Machine learning

Continuously analyse the latest data to improve routing logic with predictive routing. Easily adapt to constantly changing contact centre situations with AI.

High accuracy levels

Operate with confidence that your queues and routing logic are always up-to-date. We use the latest data to constantly improve our AI models.

User-friendly interface

Built with users in mind, predictive routing is easy to use. Test, configure and maintain queues without heavy data work or IT interference.

No rip and replace

Don’t worry about starting from scratch. Keep your existing queue routing rules and gradually increase queue cutover to deliver incremental lift.

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